Boobs R Us

8 years ago

While my son and I are visiting my mother for the holidays we are co-sleeping. This is not usual, we frequently co-sleep when we are home, especially when he is sick and wants to be close to Mommy. Co-sleeping in a place that is not home means that I have to go to bed with my son and this necessitates getting ready for bed, even if I plan on getting up once he falls to sleep. I get undressed in front of my son without reservation, we occasionally take baths and showers together and if he ever has questions about body parts we always tell him the appropriate names. Well, this evening as he watched me prepare for bed he saw my breasts and asked "what's that?" I simply answered "breasts" and then he said, "no mommy, BIG breasts!" Alas, my son is correct, I do have big breasts.

So big in fact, that on the day he was born a few pictures were taken of him laying on my bra covered breast (skin to skin contact was important for me, especially since I had a c-section). The funny about the photos is that one is a close up and a person that does not know better would think he was lying on a pillow but then the wide shot reveals the truth, my ginormous breast was the pillow and it was more than twice the size of my baby's head! In my excitement about the birth I sent this pictures out far and wide to family and friends, without thinking about the repercussions of bearing my chest to the world. I wish I saved some of the emails that I received about those photos, the funniest one said that my breasts were big enough to feed the world and in reality that probably was not far from the truth!

Of course, I nursed my son because clearly I've been "blessed" with big breasts for a reason. Let me be the first to say that size does not matter when it comes to nursing. I had a difficult time and dealt with sore, aching, bleeding nipples for at least a month but I was determined to do what was best for my son. Since my breasts were sore, I regularly walked around shirtless with the flaps of my nursing bras down so that my nipples could breath. I became so comfortable with this mode of operating I actually was surprised when my aunt commented about my big "bazookas" greeting the world. Seriously? I could care less, as long as I had lanolin and air for comfort I was happy.

Two and a half years later I do not brazenly walk around topless in my home (although really, would something be wrong if I did?) but my breasts remain large. Very large. And truthfully, I am not sure if they will ever go back down to the size C that they once were (when I was about 40 lbs lighter). I may be destined to the taunting of my child about my big breasts - big is relative isn't it? I actually think he is comparing my breasts to his Dad's chest. Yes, that puts everything completely into context!

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