Birthday Money and My Spending Fast Dilemma

6 years ago

With Monday under my belt I am ready to face the rest of the week. I have given myself a "to-do" list, a list of things that need to be accomplished by Saturday.  After procrastinating half of the day away yesterday, I still managed to get alot done.  Operation Mom and Dads Bedroom Recovery is finally organized and ready for the next phase which brings me to todays post.

To keep you caught up; I recently quit my job at Costco to return home to take care of my family and infant niece.  In doing so we are now reliant on my husbands income alone, which wouldn't be difficult if we hadn't over extended ourselves, read my post Lessons Learned.  Recently I have been following Anna Newell Jones blog, And Then She Saved as she details her Spending Fast and Spending Diet strategy to live a debt free life.  Although we only have a mortgage, no credit card or car payment, I have managed to fumble a few things and am now playing catch up.  My goal for the next year is to be, not only caught up, but ahead of the game with an actual savings account balance.  I am technically on a "spending fast" but have run in to a few speed bumps.  Luckily Anna has paved the road for us and almost all of my questions have been answered.

My bedroom is clean and organized, I had stripped it of all decor a few months ago (pre-spending fast), with every intention of painting and redecorating.  So here is my dilemma...If I am not spending money, how the heck do I finish my room?  I am Ms. Frugal Thrifty shopper when it comes to decorating my house but cannot decorate my room without spending money.  It is in desperate need of paint, if nothing else, paint alone (approx. 2 gallons) will cost me about $40-50.  

These are the questions I am asking myself;

1. Is it worth it?  Peace of mind and relaxation.  It is the one room that is supposed to be my "escape". YES, worth it.

2. Is the dollar amount I am "allowing" accurate? NO, I know I will not stop at paint, I "want" a new duvet cover as well, which will mean new curtains.  I don't think I can stop at paint.

3. What's more important, following the spending fast or a new bedroom?  It's all about priorities and I have to say, although our financial situation is top priority, I will not rest until the bedroom is complete, so I am answering new bedroom.

My birthday is at the end of the month, every year my mom gives me money, as a compromise I am waiting until then to decorate my bedroom.  I will use the money she gives me therefore not touching our monthly budget.  Happy medium, right? 

Do you agree or disagree?  Should I put my birthday money towards a bill or savings?  Or should I most definately finish a project that I have started, even though it falls in the "want" category rather than "need"?


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