Big Girls Wear High Heels

5 years ago

Are high heels appropriate for little girls?

I have always thought that little girls wearing high heels was wrong, I would see them at the stores and say "Oh my gosh who would buy these and why would they even make these for little girls?". I think this attitude came from trying to make little girls grow up too fast, but lately I have seen them on little girls out and about and I began to think.....maybe that's why I can't walk in high heels. If I had started young, by now I would be a pro. Now these are not typical heels but more of a wedge shoe.

I went to a baby shower recently a there was a little girl there, sporting some very cute wedges! I was like Oh my gosh, how cute! which is the total opposite of my past statements! lol My cousin was listening apparently and she bought some for my daughter, they were very very cute but unfortunately they didn't fit. So she gave my daughter the cash and we went shoe shopping, now what could be better then shoe shopping with your daughters?

There are tons of heels at the store for little girls and my girls were so excited. We found the perfect ones, and they were so proud and the shoes didn't change them one bit. They are still little girls, the shoes they wear will not define who they are. Just because I let them wear wedge shoes doesn't mean I will let them wear revealing clothing.

My daughter's are not allowed to go anywhere with anyone except my sister, and I mean anyone, not even very good friends. I will continue to parent in the same way, shoes are just shoes. I think if you let them wear heels and mini mini skirts, revealing tops and make up then you're going to far but the shoes alone with appropriate clothing is fine. Just my opinion, what do you think?

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