The best Nana.

4 years ago
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Mom was the full time caregiver for our children.

I never had to have a stranger care for my kids.

Not once.

This was very important to me.

Mom didn’t want her grandbabies with strangers either.


Mom loved the babies almost as much as we did.

We always joked about that.

The kids loved their Nana in return.


Mom knew how to parent. 

I liked the way she parented.

I knew Mom would raise them well.

I knew she would parent them with love.


Mom taught them manners.

She taught them to share.

She taught them the joy of books.

She taught them to respect themselves and others.


They learned trust.

They knew safe.

They knew love.

They learned praise.


The kids did everything for Mom we struggled with at home.

They ate...even meat.

They slept...a nap every day.

They used their manners.

They apologized when needed.

They shared.

They were patient.

They were incredibly happy.

They had Mom’s full attention all day.


Mom made daily reports.

She knew how much we missed our kids.

Mom would document any words formed, any skills learned, poop passed and puzzles completed.

The reports were a mini snap shot of each day.

Together they were a scrap book of memories we wouldn’t have otherwise.


We were blessed with a loving Mom.

Naturally, she was a loving Nana.

She never seemed to run out of love.


Mom cared for the children full time, one to five years of age. 

Mom was our biggest support in those years. 

The children grew emotionally, physically and intellectually through Mom’s loving care.


Mom always said she was thankful for the kids.

The bond between them was magical.

To witness our kids’ love for her was deeply touching. 

To see another love your child as much as you love them is rare. 


She was Nana...extraordinaire. 



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