Best Mother's Day Present ever...

8 years ago

Hi to all you Moms... and Dads, understanding the Law of Attraction and
how to raise happy kids, trouble free kids is easy when you know what
you might be doing wrong. Kick back and spoil yourselves by celebrating
everyday. Understand how every aspect effects another aspect.

The laws are about what you think and feel. We never stop thinking or
feeling, this is our indicator of how well we are doing in life.

Think too much about what you don't want... it turns up.

Think about what you do want... it turns up. (it's the same answer... it turns up)

  • Worried about your teens and drugs... they'll do it for sure if you are worried, or it might pass as quickly as it starts.
  • Worried about your teens and sex... it's going to happen sooner
    or later and it would be great to know they 'attracted' the right
    partner... not one because of peer pressure... or they wished they
    hadn't had sex the next day, now it's all about guilt, and worry. Both
    very negative states to be in and one we don't want our teens to be in.
    Because this will attract other negative states.
  • Worried about money and paying your bills... your worry will keep your money away. Your bills will keep coming.

I explain so much in a way that makes sense in my new ebook. I've
raised a kid using these techniques and everyone laughed at me years
ago. "Why don't you give your kid time out!?" All those parents are
still giving their kids time-out. Weekend after weekend the
fights go on and on. Why? Because both parties are equally attracting
the same energy time and time again. Year after year nothing has changed.

Parents - stress is what causes dis-ease. And a family that fights is a
family that is not vibrating on the right frequency. My daughter has
had her ups and downs, and I welcome them as her learning
experiences. But to punish her for learning, well that never made
sense to me and the principles behind the LOA, which is based on spiritual psychology... this is not a religion , but a way of life.

  • Punishing my daughter for speaking her mind. I want her to speak her mind. It's her mind, and she should be heard. Have her opinions. She's my equal, not my possession.
  • Punishing her for her anger. I want her to have these feelings,
    they are telling her she doesn't like something and that allows it to

I just don't let myself become her moods and act out in the manner or react the same way. Her anger
goes away with in minutes,it's like a volcano. She doesn't suppress it and
then later I'd find out she's depressed, suicidal, has an eating
disorders, or other events that some teens do today because they have
never been able to be who they are, voice who they are, and live who they are. (which is not me)

I recently heard an interview from one of the 'Secret' experts and they
mentioned they still punish their children. Which really means, 'my
kids acted out badly and so did I.' Both used the LOA negatively.
Discipline is not the answer, it's the opposite. Kindness. You will
understand more when you read my ebook. I lowered the price as a mother's day special for anyone who wants to treat themselves to a better lifestyle.

ps. Have a great MOTHER'S day... from one mom to another, Tricia

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