Our Family Resolution: A Year of Kindness

4 years ago

Last year, my New Year's resolution was to "Love out Loud" which was inspired by a Joyce Meyer book of the same name. I thought it was a good resolution, and it is. But definitely difficult to measure and I don't think I've been as successful as I had hoped. My intent was to really let the important people in my life know that they are loved. To be loud and carefree and always ready with words of love and kindness for my family and friends. Like with most resolutions, life often gets in the way of those intentions and so I think I have failed my own test.

This year, I have a new idea in mind. This one is definitely easier to track and writing down my successes (and failures) will keep me honest. Plus, I've looped in my son and he is really good at holding me to my word. So "my" resolution is actually "our" resolution. Our goal this year, is to perform a random act of kindess each week. I'm going to stretch that definition a bit, to be honest. We may perform a random act, or we might volunteer our time, or we might donate materials or goods. But the hope is that we are successful at doing one of these things just once a week. Which would mean 52 acts of kindness which is a heck of a lot more kindness than I've given in 2012.

Now -- a little bit of background. I'm a single parent of a very energetic, quick-witted and beautiful eight-year-old boy. I also work full-time. So I am not a person with a whole heck of a lot of free time. And certainly not a whole lot of extra finances either. So we'll need to be creative sometimes about our giving. But. I have a responsibility to raise a little boy into a caring and kind adult man. So I think it's important to teach him that we have to give, we have to share, we have to care. And honestly, sometimes I need that lesson myself. In the process, I'm hopeful that we'll inspire others to join us in this goal! Or maybe it will give others some ideas of ways to give -- and maybe others can give us ideas too!

So tonight began our little experiment. We went to a coffee shop and enjoyed a frozen hot chocolate and a mocha. We had an extra BOGO coupon, and sat at a table near the door ready to give it to the next couple that walked in. And can you believe this? Pretty much everyone who goes to a coffee shop, goes alone. At least in the hour that we were there, that's what we experienced. So after an hour was up, we gave up on that idea. We'll try it again. But what that taught me is that this experiment might not always go as planned. We'll try again tomorrow.



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