Bad mama

9 years ago
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I'm driving back from one drop off and on my way to another this morning when my mom calls in. Hands-free, I answer the phone.

My end of the conversation goes as follows:

I just dropped off and now heading back home.

Well she woke up at 3 AM w/ a 102 temp and had a little diarrhea.

I checked her ears and nose for an infection so no it's not sinucitis.

She feels pretty good after I give her Tylonal so no I'm not going to take her to the doctors yet.

No, not yet. 

I always bring them in too soon and they don't give them anything because it's too early to tell.

But why should I make the effort to have her looked at when the nurse just tells me if her fever lasts longer than 4 days then bring her in? It hasn't even been 24 hrs mom.

I do advocate and demand what they need! I am doing this everyday, this is what I do I am a mom!

Your dad was a doctor so you could pop in unnanounced and give us a shot if we were sick. Plus I was never sick. You don't know the hassel it is to run around with three kids waiting on appointments. 

Why is it you can't believe i am on top of this?! You act like I have no clue what I'm doing.

I'm frustrated with you. I can't just change doctors. I just switched all three of them to a leading medical center in the country. I look into these things mom!

Yes, I know Mono is going around, yes I do because a friend's daughter had it for two months and missed 6 weeks of school.

What's I'm trying to say is it's the way you tell me you're worried and it comes off sounding like I'm not aware of these things. I'm worried too but running around to doctor's appointments wont change the fact that it's too early to tell.

So why is it when you worry you automatically harass me as if I am not knowledgable about what to do or expect?

This is all I do mom. This is my job! I'm a mom!


Anyone have this experience before?