On Back-To-Front and Up-Side-Down

7 years ago
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My girls attend a wonderful kindergarten.  The teacher is warm and supportive and the activities are fun and enticing.  We are very happy there.


On Tuesday, there was a special event. "Tricky Tuesday".  It's all about mixing things up.  Wearing odd shoes, Having  rest-time outdoors when you first arrive. Having playtime last.  The teacher, to her children's delight, wore her shirt inside out and back-to-front.  You get the idea.


I thought it was a wonderful thing and embraced the day when it arrived.  But my girls had other ideas.



Me:  "Remember..today's Tricky Tuesday.  We need to get you dressed in a tricky, mixed-up way.  How about odd shoes?..."

Girls: (Blank stares....)

Me: "Okaay...what about wearing your fairy shirts back-to front...you know...with your wings on your tummy...".

Girls: (Cool silence...)

Me: "Well, you have to do something you know.  You can't just be boring".  I proceeded to try to put two pairs of pants on one child.

Child: "Noooo!"

Me (huffing): " Oh, you're just kill-joys..."

Girls: "Huh?"


Eventually, I talked them into wearing their nighties over their regular clothes.  They went off to school, but  were not really convinced that Mummy didn't belong in a lunatic asylum.


I guess we parents spend so much time teaching children the correct way to do things.  That there is only one right way.


And then?  Children are confused when there's an exception to the rule.  They can't understand that sometimes, doing the wrong thing is the right thing.


So next week?  I'm wearing my shirt inside-out and my slippers to school.   Oh, hang on....  I do that already. Regularly. Just never saw any benefits to it before!.


So ... How to show my kids that it's OK to do things differently.  That the sky doesn't fall....


How do you do it with yours?