Back-to-School Hair for Kids: How to Shed the Summer Damage

5 years ago

As parents, this time of year is always conflicting: We are so excited to have our kids back from camp, but so NOT excited about the state of the hair that comes with—yikes! The first step for back-to-school hair is shedding the summer damage. Here are my tips:

Sun, chlorine and tangles can do a real number on children’s hair. In fact, it’s around mid-August every year that our stylists start sharpening the scissors in preparation to cut through straw-like, summer damaged hair. Even if you have instructed your child on the importance of swimmers shampoo and hair brushing (I published a blog about summer hair care in May), a good back to school haircut should be an essential part of your August routine.

Dealing With Summer Hair Damage

1. Conditioning is key: Put a thick and creamy conditioner and a shower cap or towel her head before bed. The conditioner will moisturize dry hair overnight.
2. In the shower: Rinse all of the conditioner out of her hair, and then put a little more on ends but don’t rinse it all the way out. I highly recommend purchasing a leave-in conditioner, like So Cozy Fruity Delight, to really get the job done.
3. Get a good haircut: Summer sun and swim can fry the ends of her hair. It is important to get all those dead ends cut to keep the rest of her hair healthy.
4. Style choices: Opt for shorter styles like the classic bob or keep long hair in loose braids to avoid tangles.

1. Get a good haircut: Just like girls, boys also need to get their summer-damaged hair removed.
2. Style choices: Most little boys opt for the classic “John-John” cut (parted on the side) or a modified surfer ‘do (like our friends from One Direction).
3. If your son is growing out a very short summer haircut or buzz cut, using a little styling cream will give the hair texture and keep the ends from curling.

For both boys and girls I recommend booking haircut appointments sooner rather than later to give yourself enough time before school starts to practice the morning hair routine with the new haircut (that means now!). This year, girls’ hairstyles are all about fun, so have fun playing with accessories like feathers or clips, or try one of the popular loose braids.

Shed your child’s fried, summer damaged hair and send her or him back to school with happy, healthy hair.

Remember, now’s the time to get that Back-to-School haircut! My NYC salons are ready, or if you’re at the beach, bring your child to my new Pop-Up Salon at the Children’s Museum of the East End. You can book your appointment now by phone or online. Simply click here for info.

See you soon!

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