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4 years ago
We went to our daughters School opening evening last night. She will be starting in August. Maiya was born on the 18th June 2009 and she is now getting ready for school. I find that absolutely terrifying. Where does the time go? I felt like a bundle of nerves last night. I don't know if I was scared that she is getting older too quickly, she wasn't ready for big girl school just yet, or that it was time that I had to except that she is not my baby anymore.  Maybe it was a combination of these and more.
Maiya aged 4-5 months
Maiya just a few weeks ago
Like I say, I was very nervous last night. It was also odd being back in school again. It was weirdly like I had never been away though. I recognised the same gym equipment and the same smells of floor detergents, I had never been to this particular school before so I can only presume that they are all very similar and they must get school rates on climbing frames and floor cleaners. 
We sat and listened to the head Master and his staff about the great adventure that our little ones would soon be embarking on and their reassurances that our children would be fine, how much they will enjoy it and what we can expect over the coming year. They also talked about the curriculum and how it was broken down. I have to say that I thought it was all very impressive but so different to when I was at school. They seem to be very well organised too which I do not remember being the case when I started school.
I have a few memories of starting school for the first time and my time there. I remember how scared I was, how long the days were, how large the place was and how big the teachers were. They were not all that friendly either so it was such a relief seeing and meeting Maiya's teacher. She will be in the blue class which was the same as me funnily enough. I was delighted with her teacher, she had a very kind face and had a lovely soft and calming tone to her voice. I know that Maiya will love her.
My first teacher was light years behind this lovely lady, she always seemed to be extremely unhappy and the only time I can ever recall her with anything resembling a smile was when she was digging her pen violently in to your back, lifting you up by your hair or just generally humiliating you or one of your peers.I know that times have changed and there are more stringent tests when employing school staff these days, and that they are not allowed to touch you but you can never be too sure. 
I am quite suspicious by nature and I found myself continually scanning the hall to see if I could spot anyone who would be a threat to my little girl but I didn't spot any malice or meanness in anyone's body language or facial expressions. All the staff seemed genuinely happy to be there last night, so that is very reassuring. All in all I am a nervous but very happy and lucky Daddy!
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