Back to School: 12 Bloggers Share Feelings, High Fives and Tips

4 years ago

In case you didn't notice, it's Back-to-School time. It's honestly one of my favorite times to be on Facebook; I love all of the smiling pictures of kids in their new school clothes with the hair cuts and new backpacks and fresh looks. Of course, this year felt a bit more bittersweet as I had to share a picture of my baby heading off to Kindergarten. Weep. All the same, I've been reading through so many back-to-school posts with smiles (and tears and laughs and everything in between). I thought I'd share some with you today so you can smile/laugh/cry/weep with me. Power in numbers, you guys.

But first, here are my two boys ready to hit second grade and Kindergarten.

Oh man. Sniffle.

Scooper at a la mode is learning hard lessons about letting go and trust as her little guy hesitantly gets used to Kindergarten.

I hate school. It's too long. I don't want to go. Don't make me go! Why can't I just be at home with you?

Not exactly the words this heartsick mother of a kindergartener wanted to hear on his second day of school.

I fought back my own tears as I wiped away his.

BlogHer Member flaursen shared a letter of hopes and expectations she wrote to her son for this school year.

It’s also good to remember that you’re not the only or the most important member of our family, or your classroom, or your friends. We are all valuable members of our community, and we need to take care of each other.

Similarly, BlogHer Member littlemisswordycom shared a letter of the things she wanted to say out loud to her children on the way down the elevator on the first day of school.

Floor 13 - I wanted to tell you that as the new kid other kids will be drawn to you. Some won't accept you. That's okay as it will be their loss.

Megan at Absolute Mommy sent her kids off to first grade and preschool and found herself with nothing to do.

It's been a long time since I've had a guilt free spare moment. One that I enjoyed recklessly. With dishes in the sink, and laundry waiting to fold. It's been years since I watched anything other than Nick Jr that early in the morning. I was so at a loss at mid day, I almost watched reruns of Jessie on the Disney channel. What's even on daytime TV anymore? And while my heart is forever tied to my little lovelies, that small, sweet taste of freedom was blissful. A few moments all for me. I didn't even blog or check my email. I just sat, and savored, and enjoyed it.

Erika at Yellow Pear just sent her last little man off to preschool. He has some lofty aspirations.

Yes, here is to his illustrious scholastic future. He has plans. Big plans. He is determined to be a candy maker and buy all the "quipment" and machines to make candy. He fell apart the other night just before bed because he was suddenly panicked about how he would buy all of the necessary supplies to make candy (in the future). Apparently he has a great sense of urgency. Silly boy.

Nicolette at Momnivore's Dilemma is approaching the school year and the new early morning schedule with some back-to-school resolutions.

1.) Mom will have a bedtime. My kids will be in their rooms at 7:15 no excuses. I will be in bed at 10:00. Okay, maybe 10:30. This is coming from a woman who loved the quiet late nights since I was a teenager. I love to stay up late.

You know what I like better? Being healthy. Insomnia isn’t good.

Jodie at It's All Good in Mommyhood shares the rough stuff about back-to-school, and it's not the emotions.

As a mom, I have to fund these back to school shopping extravaganzas. I also have to start packing lunches again and enforce bedtimes. I have to get up and be productive before 8am.

And the worst?

Homework help. Someone punch me now.

There is however, one HUGE reason I'm good with back to school season. It's called sanity.

I maybe shouldn't have laughed at the post Rhana at Dumb Squared shared about a night-before-school belt hunt gone wrong, but oh man, I laughed. At least she has a sense of humor about the back to school thing.

8-year-old: I think I'm starting to come down with the plague or something.

Me: After all that work we just went through? No way. Your ass is going to school. I don't care if you're bleeding.

8-year-old: What if my eyeball pops out?

Me: Then wear an eyepatch, matey.

8-year-old: It's gonna be a great school year.

NerdMom at Nerd Family has an important reminder for homeschool families as they also begin their schooling year.

If you're wondering what teachers might be thinking as the school year begins, Alex Springer at The Educator's Room shares a few nerves and laughs -- and makes me glad I don't have to teach high schoolers. Scary.

So why does the prospect of staring down six classes of students and a new school year make me seize up with blinding terror?

I suppose that, regardless of the person, being placed in a situation where you have to capture the attention of thirty-five kids who are still clinging to the edges of a rapidly disappearing summer is terrifying in and of itself. But I’m a professional. I should be able to go into a room of young people and blow them away without even trying—right? I mean, a lawyer who has been in the game for four years wouldn’t approach a deposition with nail-biting, white-knuckled terror gnawing at his/her mind. What’s the difference between that lawyer and me? I’ll tell you what the difference is: Remember those thirty-five kids? Well, thinking mathematically, they represent thirty-five different variables. In order to solve this problem, I would need to exhaust every letter of the English alphabet, and make up nine more algebraic symbols to represent the excess. Since I really suck at math, I’m not even going to begin to put that into an equation, suffice to say that it would be really complicated. With lots of numbers and letters. And probably some squiggly lines, you know, to make it math.

If reading all of this is making you want to crawl under the table, check out Sharon Greenthal's post at Empty House, Full Mind. Eventually the nest empties and there are things you'll never have to do again.

Filling out the same forms with the same information every.single.year. Maybe it’s different now, but back in the day (um, that would be 2010), in my school district, we still had to fill them out by hand. Most in duplicate, a few in triplicate.

And last, but definitely not least, if you're having trouble getting your kiddos into a school year routine, check out this free printable schedule that you can customize from Jaime at Raising Up Rubies.

I'm planning ahead. and made up our day to day school year routine list. It makes for easier mornings, and nights too. There's no more "you didn't tell me's" or "I forgot's" and they get to check off their list with dry erase markers! fun.

Now what about you? Have your kids gone back to school already? Have your posted their cute pics? Still gearing up and enjoying your last few days of freedom summer? Sharing those cute pics? Writing about fears and goals for the school year? Share your links here! We'd love to read them.

But really, someone tell me this gets easier -- and pass the tissues while you're at it.


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