Awaiting Grandmotherhood

3 years ago

My first grandchild is due March 15th. Ever since my son gave me the news, I've been calling my grandbaby "Ziggy." I didn't want to use "it" when I talked about the newest member of the family and since the sex of the baby wasn't known at the time, I took 'zygote' and turned it into 'Ziggy.' Used it ever since. We know now 'Ziggy' is a girl. I just wish she'd hurry up and officially arrive and make me a real grandma! But right now it's tick...tock...tick....tock.

I'm already jealous of Ziggy. She'll come into the world with both parents and a bunch of in-laws (and outlaws) just waiting to spoil her. Her room, yes--she's had a room at Mom and Dad's since the pregnancy was confirmed--is furnished and fit for the queen she will be. No, my Ziggy will bypass the princess phase and head straight for the crown. She'll grow up in a world where there are cell phones, the Internet and more advantages and opportunities for girls than I could've ever dreamed of having in the 60's. She won't be restricted to half-court girls' basketball like I was. She'll not be restricted to certain fields of study WHEN she goes to college and she'll have no recollection of a country with only white men in the White House. I will be able to look in the crib at my GRANDDAUGHTER and know that one day she actually could grow up to be president!

I know, I know. I'm going overboard. Is this normal? Is it normal to make unplanned visits to the parents-to-be for updates? Is it normal to jump every time the phone rings? Geez, first it's being an empty-nester, now it's grandmotherhood. Dramatic life changes!! Now it's limbo. Now it's waiting. Didn't Tom Petty sing that "the waiting is the hardest part"?

Gotta confess: This is hard but it is glorious!

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