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9 months ago
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Pregnancy symptoms are never static. They differ from one woman to another.

They differ in duration, and intensity. And they also differ in trigger time and how long they last.

You may be witnessing odd changes in your body, assuming them to be signs of a pregnancy. For confirmation, we recommend you keep reading. Use the following checklist to see if the following signs apply to you.


Obvious Pregnancy Signs.

  • Missing Your Period.

The most obvious sign. This may what have triggered your search to this article.

Some women experience lighter periods instead of a miss. The following pregnancy signs may kick in only after missing your period…

  • Intuition.

Intuition of a pregnancy may have also driven you here. And you know what? The intuition is correct most of the time.

It could be anything from moodiness and tire, to constipation and light headedness. Or maybe you feel a lower back pain.

You can read the classic signs, getting an idea of what triggered your intuition.


Classic Clues.

  • Breast Tenderness or Swelling.

Pregnancy changes your hormone levels, and this is the strongest sign of pregnancy. This may affect your breasts, making them fuller or softer.

  • Fatigue and Dizziness.

Progesterone levels in your body increase in early pregnancy, and this leads to fatigue. Your blood vessels dilate and your blood pressure drops during a pregnancy. This is coupled with more blood routed to feed your baby, contributing to tiredness.

  • Implantation Bleeding.

This is a minor vaginal bleeding which happens around 2 weeks after fertilization. The fertilized egg with attach to the uterus lining, triggering this bleeding. Such bleeding happens very early on in pregnancy. They are lighter in color than normal periods. Sometimes, this bleeding with feel like a menstrual cramp.

  • Nausea (with or with no vomit).

This is a class sign, which occurs around 2 weeks after fertilization. It results from increased estrogen levels, reduced stomach digestion, and sensitivity to smells. This is may trigger nausea, which may come with vomiting if too intense.

  • Craving and Food Aversion.

Your appetite may change drastically if you’re pregnant. This may be due to hormone changes, or the developing fetus requiring extra energy, leading to more cravings. The symptoms of this are strong in the 1st trimester.

  • Headaches.

Caused by higher blood circulation and changes in hormones.

  • Constipation.

Occurs due to high progesterone levels, causing slower digestion.

  • Mood swings.

Hormones affect mood, and the rapid changes can make you very emotional. The strongest emotional changes are in 1st trimester.

  • Higher Basal Temperature.

This is your temperature after you wake up in the morning. After ovulation, this temperature slightly increases till the next period. If this temperature is high for 2 consecutive weeks, it means you’re pregnant.


The Accuracy of Symptoms.

As we mentioned before, symptoms differ. The previous symptoms may not indicate a pregnancy. They could just mean that you’re getting sick, or your period is going to start.

Regardless, if you notice any of the previous signs, then you may want to do a pregnancy test. This is especially if you’re not tracking your period, and it differs monthly.

If your test ends up positive, get an appointment with a doctor. The faster you confirm a pregnancy, the faster you can start prenatal care.

Learn more at This is a website dedicated to educating to-be mothers.

You’ll learn more about how to plan and enjoy a smooth pregnancy!




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