Are Reality TV Moms's REAL? Mama Joyce #RHOA

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#Rhoa Tomfoolery?

This week on the Real Housewives of Atlanta Ghetto Tomfoolery went DOWN. And you know that I am here to give you my Classy but honest perspective.

Mama Joyce is Hood?

So I always knew that Kandi's Mama known as "Mama Joyce" was a little bit off the hook, watching previous seasons. But this recent RANT that she put us all through when Kandi was just trying on potential wedding dresses... I was actually embarrassed. Let's unbox this. Mama Joyce Carmen #RHOA Real Housewives Kandi Shoe

The Todd Factor

Mama Joyce has been having some issues with Kandi and getting married to Todd. Personally, I dont think that it has a thing to do with Tood-I think that its ALL about Mama Joyce not having Kandi all to herself...including her money. After Kandi's last fiance died...mysteriously...Mama Joyce seemed cool again. Enter Todd and now the horns come out in the form of a 60+ year old fool. Yes, she was acting like she was going to put them paws on Kandi's friend, Carmen. Accusing her of every thing from being an opportunist to sleeping with Todd.

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So what was Mama Joyce really going to do to Kandi's friend Carmen? She is older, probably diabetic and did I say that she is a grandmother? So she wanted to beat her up? Really?

"I want to whoop that a**." -Mama Joyce

Who's Mama says this?

Why did Mama Joyce take her shoes off?

This was definitely in the Top 10 Most trifling Black Reality TV moments. Even more so because an older Black Woman was at the center of the mess! When a Black woman takes off her shoes and already know what is being implied. My question is, why? She is a 60+ year old grandmother. If somebody offends you acting like Madea and having somebody have to "hold you back" is positively shameful! Are you following me on Twitter? We dish ALL of the tea on Real Housewives of ATL! FOLLOW ME!

What is next for Kandi, Mama Joyce and her Man?

I am not sure what the next step is going to be for Kandi Burris, but I DO know that Kandi is going to have to step up and tell her Mom's to step off or else she is going to find herself in the NFL...No Friends Left. Mama Joyce on the Heart Strings or Purse Strings? Mama Joyce does seem to come off as a mess, however lets also remember that Kandi's older brother passed away about 15 years ago. Kandi and Riley are basically ALL that Mama Joyce has and that might make a Mother act a little nuts! Mama Joyce knows that Kandi is going to take care of her regardless, so after some thought I must admit that I do not think that its the purse strings that has her acting Kandi Krazy, its just her baby. My advice for Kandi Burris...figure out what means the most to you and remember that Mama Joyce had more than one man. Tell her to let you have yours. What are YOUR reccomendations for Kandi? Holla at cha girl! Classily Yours, Sharelle D. Lowery Twitter | Instagram