And the Wedding Plans Begin

5 years ago
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WhenBrittanygot engaged and said they had decided on an October 2013 wedding, I thought we would start talking about it in November or December.

Silly me.

The emails and phone calls have been flying. Venue ideas, food ideas, bridesmaid dresses, rehearsal dinner, did I like this photographer’s website?

They’ve even already registered at Belk because the store was having a Bridal fair the week after they got engaged.Brittanywas a little disappointed that Dan didn’t enjoy walking around the store picking out things they might like for their house so when John and I went to visit them inCharlestonover Labor Day weekend I went with her to Williams andSonoma.

It made me really want to replace all of my own stuff.

We’d be marking a pitcher and I would say, “If you get two of these can I have one?” AndBrittanywould reply, “We won’t get two, that’s why we register!”

I can see why Dan didn’t have fun.

Then she showed me a spreadsheet on line that tracks wedding guests. You put the odds of them actually coming and it tells you the number you can most likely expect. We sat down with Dan and started making up a guest list. It was way too big even with the percent the spreadsheet promised wouldn’t show up. After a frustrating hour we decided to put it aside until spring when we’ll see if we still like all those people.

Next we looked at Pinterest. Brittanyshowed me all the boards she’s been putting together of wedding dresses, color schemes, cakes, flowers, etc. etc. From there we would click on other people’s Pinterest sites with all of their wedding ideas. It was quite overwhelming.Brittany says “everyone” gets all of their ideas from Pinterest now. In fact there’s a cartoon where a lady is telling a bride, “I got married before Pinterest.” And the bride looked really sad for her.

Which got me wondering, “will everything we decide on forBrittany’s wedding be judged by everyone who goes onto Pinterest?” Isn’t it hard enough to make sure all the relatives get along and the guests have fun without wondering what all of the world wide web will think after it’s over?

Actually at this point I’m pretty sure ifBrittanyis happy with her big day (and we live through it) I won’t really care what anyone else thinks.

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