Almost Autumn

8 years ago
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Autumn is my favorite time of year, if I lived in a state or part of the state where the colors changed with the season. The fall season started September21st and I remember having a discussion with my young 7 year old child about how it wasn't Fall yet and she kept saying "yes it is mom, it started last week" and I argued that it couldn't be because the leaves were all green, we were still wearing summer clothes and cutting the grass.  In my book Fall begins when all that stops.  I spent part of my childhood in New Jersey and some adult time in Pennsylvania, where you can feel the change in the seasons.  I really miss that.


Above is what I see, just not enough orange.

Meanwhile, below was the sky looking gray and cool.



Here, in the Virginia Peninsula, we're still waiting for the leaves to change colors.  I mentioned my dislike for dealing with dreary weather and nothing to show to a friend and I think she was offended because she said "yes we do have colors here, just walk through the park and you'll see."  OKayyyy! Soooorry!  I guess I'll take a walk through the park with the kids, it'll be good for my soul.

Growing up in Jersey I remember we had to get Halloween costumes that were warm and cozy because it was going to be cold trick-or-treating at night, some years we even had snow in October, imagine that.  I miss that too!  Anyway, yesterday was the first day that felt like fall, even if I had to seek out the changing colors, it really felt cool, it was a little gray outside and the air was just a little cooler than usual, I had to wear jeans and a long sleeve shirt, in fact, I had to find light jackets for the kids.  Fantastic!!

So this is the time to break out the crock pot, start making chili, soups and stews. Set up the fall decorations and get the kids involved in seeking out those red, yellow and orange leaves the locals keep talking about.  The best part of this time of year...well there are so many great things happening this time of year but one of my favorite past times is walking at dusk, not only is it a great way to keep the kids (and me) active but it's a great educational tool as well, from identifying tree leaves to identifying animal foot prints.

So go out and walk, seek out what changes in your part of town during this time of year.  If nothing changes outside, guaranteed, something will change inside. Enjoy the season!

Stay Well,

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