The All-Purpose Cloth Napkin

7 years ago

2010-06-13 - Simple Sunday - The All-Purpose Cloth Napkin

Years ago, when I moved out on my own, I didn’t have much money. As I began figuring it all out with limited funds–simple, frugal living happened naturally.

Paper towels cost money, so I began to use them with more thought (completely opposite of how I’d used them in my parent’s home). And with a little more thought, our rolls began to literally last months. So I figured we could probably manage without quite easily.

And easy it was. I grabbed four cloth napkins from a thrift store and we were good to go for quite a few years. When we had children, we increased our supply. Yes, that overstuffed drawer atop has dish towels and cloth napkins on the ready. These days, our cloth napkins clean up spills, cover laps and wipe down food-covered faces. They end up all over the house some days.

When I was just beginning to figure out my parenting-self with my first child, I remember reading a piece that said that children are little people living in a giant’s world. (Sorry, can’t remember where I read this.) So, ever since then, I’ve tried to keep our safe cleaning supplies handy for everyone to reach (walking age through adult). And, our kids learned early on to grab a napkin and clean up on their own. I find that kids like cleaning up when they can really own the experience.

So, cloth napkins are soft, simple, environmentally-friendly, cost-effective, and all-purpose. Hmmm…I can’t think of a whole lot of things I’d rather use paper towels for. Perhaps drying fried foods, which we rarely cook in our home.

How about you? Do you use paper towels and/or cloth napkins? And why?

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