Acupuncture & Anxiety: My Experience with Eastern Medicine Part One

4 years ago
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I hate to be bossy but sit down right now and let me tell you all about my experience with Eastern medicine because this is crazy, y'all!

I have anxiety and we all know this. Old news. I have some stomach issues. My back freaking hurts and I have headaches. I sound old, don't I? With each year comes a new squeaky part...a la the Tin Man.

I hate to talk about health issues especially when it makes me sound so broke down, but it's important to know what I had going on to understand what happened...

My anxiety has been creeping up pretty hard core. Maybe because we've moved twice in the last year and have been looking for a house for 13 months now? The fact that my anxiety was coming back and I couldn't shake it was making me bummed. More than bummed. I was starting to feel depressed and I've never really been down that road before and I didn't have any plans of taking a trip down it.

I cried to Chris. I didn't want to feel this way. I didn't want to feel all depressed when I love my life. I really do love my life so why am I so anxious and depressed and miserable? What am I doing wrong? Why can't I get this under control like I get everything else under control? 

These feelings are brutal for a control freak like myself. Medication. Fine. I decided I would take something just to get myself under control and then I'd wean off of it and then.....then what? This is where my plan ended. What comes next? This is the frustrating part of medication - if it CURED it then I would take it but it doesn't. You stop taking it and you are right back where you were to begin with. This made me more frustrated and therefore more anxious. I felt like a prisoner in my own body.

I just wanted a vacation from myself. I was exhausting myself. I needed a break from me. 

I was desperate. I started taking a very low dose of anxiety medication at night for two weeks. I slept great, had crazy dreams, was groggy in the morning, had very little motivation to get ANYTHING done. I wasn't anxious but the house was a freakin' wreck, dinner wasn't getting cooked, and I was a snappy bitch to both Camryn and Chris.

Is this the trade off? I'm pretty sure Camryn and Chris would rather me be a nutcase than a snappy, no fun bitch.

On top of this, the silly stomach issues, back, and headaches....."OUR PETS HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!"

Ridiculous, right? This had to stop.

I needed to try acupuncture. I had tried every things else. I wanted to try it for years but you don't just go to any ol' person for acupuncture. I needed a recommendation. I needed someone that didn't speak English. I needed someone legit. Enter my Uruguayan Mother-In-Law who is just one of those people that knows someone for EVERY THING. Her good friend had been using this lady for acupuncture and she worked miracles on the friend AND the friends 92 year old mother. DONE. SOLD!

I made an appointment and dragged my Mom along with me. I had no idea what to expect. Would it hurt? Would I feel a difference? Would they speak English? Would they look at me like I was crazy? Would it hurt? (Did I already think that?) 

I arrived at JiLin Acupuncture Clinic and was greeted by a beautiful woman named Cameron.....Obviously a sign. She led me back to her office and the two things that happened next, and before the acupuncture even began, are two things I've never even heard of!

Part Two with lots of pictures coming soon....



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