7 Must Haves for Baby No. 2

2 months ago

As a first time parent, navigating through baby stores can be overwhelming; there are so many aisles and options!  It's hard to know what you need and what's excessive.  When you're expecting a second child, you might already have most of the big ticket items like a stroller and car seat covered, but you have to think about what products you need that will help you adjust to life with two kids. 

With a newborn and a two year old at home,  I've rounded up some great products to make life a little easier. 


1. Multi-Room Video Wi-Fi Monitor  

Image: MotorolaHome.com


A video / Wi-Fi monitor is a must have for any nursery, and if you're preparing for baby number 2, a multi-room monitor is a necessity!  You can keep tabs on multiple kids at once through one 5" monitor, receive temperature, sound, and motion notifications for both rooms, and communicate with your child or partner.  Also,  if you're like me and are constantly losing the monitor or letting the charge run out, then you'll love the Wi-Fi feature.  You can look-in on your kids using your mobile device, tablet or computer through an app.  Whether you're in the living room or out of the house, you will know exactly what the little ones are doing.  Have more than two kids or rooms you want to keep tabs on?  You can expand up to 4 cameras!  


Motorola MBP845CONNECT-2, $279.99, MotorolaHome.com


2. Remote Controlled Mobile 


Image: SkipHop.com


A mobile is another must have for any nursery.  The soothing sounds can help your baby fall asleep.  The challenge I had with my firstborn was having to go into the nursery and turn the dial every few minutes when the music stopped.  Enter SkipHop's remote controlled mobile.  The remote control can let me keep the music playing without having to repeatedly go  back into the baby's room.  It also projects stars on the ceiling,  and helps lull the little one to sleep with four lullabies and four nature sounds. 


Moonlight & Melodies Projection Mobile, Clouds, $65, SkipHop.com



3. Stylish Floor Tiles


Image: SkipHop.com


With one child its easy to keep playtime contained to the the baby's room, but now that I have an active toddler and a new baby, playtime takes over the entire house.  Rather than "decorating" my living room with colorful alphabet floor tiles, I found these stylish floor tiles which are a great alternative.  It gives the kids a safe place to play without my entire home appearing like a play room.  

Playspot Geo Foam Floor Tiles, $79, SkipHop.com 


4. New Activity Play Mat 


Image: SkipHop.com


Now that you have living room worthy floor tiles you'll probably need to upgraded your play mat.  While you might have your old play mat in storage, a new baby deserves a new play mat!  I love this one because its great for tummy time or as a seated floor activity center when baby gets a bit older.  You can position the arch overhead for your newborn to explore,  then bring it down for tummy time.  My favorite feature is the cell phone holder which can be used as a family picture slide show to help your little one know who the most important people in their life are.  Or you can use it to take pictures of your little one!  They'll think they're looking at their reflection, but really you're taking some great pics on your phone!  Bonus, my toddler loves laying on it with my newborn and playing with the fox that moves with sound and the hooting owl!

Explore & More Amazing Arch Activity Gym, $90, SkipHop.com


5. A Swing 


Image: Fisher Price


Newborns like to sleep and lay on their parents,  and while there's no better feeling than snuggling with your newborn, your toddler might not be so keen on sharing their parent with a sleeping newborn.  A swing is a great place to put down a newborn when they're sleeping or awake.  It's warm and cozy, and moves from side to side, which keeps your baby happy and stimulated, as well as keeping your toddler happy because they can play with mommy or daddy.  I love this swing because the sleek frame uses 25% less floor space than other swings, which is perfect for my NYC home and also has 16 songs, 3 soothing sound effects and 6 motion speeds.


Fisher Price Revolve Swing, $129, Walmart.com


6. On-the-Go Baby Dome 

Image: Fisher Price


Spring is almost here, which means lots of outdoor time for me and the kiddos, but playing outside with a toddler while taking care of a baby is not easy. Taking a pack and play when you're alone with two small children is also not really feasible.  I love the  on-the-go baby dome because I'm able to safely set my baby down and play with my toddler.  The dome is comfy and has complete coverage from the sun and bugs.  It folds flat and is perfect for the busy mom on the go!


Fisher Price On-the-Go Baby Dome, $69.99, BabiesRUs.com  


7.  Bottle Sterilizer 


Image: ChiccoShop.com


One thing I had to replace when preparing for my new baby was a bottle sterilizer.  Not that there was anything wrong with my old one, but it was used and abused, and with a new baby, I wanted to ensure I only used completely sterile bottles! A lot of people use the dishwasher for bottles, but I love having a designated spot for bottles and caps, and they are sterilized from 99.99% of household germs, and get clean in a few minutes!  I love this one bc it has a dual level, with bottles on the bottom and nipples and caps on the top. I no longer have to play Tetris trying to fit all of my bottles, caps and nipples.  Also,  if you want to run a small load, you can do a compact mode or a quick microwave mode.  


NaturalFit 3-in-1 Modular Sterilizer, $69.99, ChiccoShop.com

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