5 Sensory Table Ideas for Valentine's Day

4 years ago

Sensory Table Play

Sensory tables are perfect for hands-on learning.  Students can develop autonomy, take creative risks, engage in dramatic play, and explore science & math concepts.  Sensory tables benefit a child's cognitive, physical, emotional and social development.  

Sensory tables can be expensive, but you don't need to spend $300 on something fancy.  I purchased a large plastic bin from Walmart and set it on a narrow table.  $7-- works great!  This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.


Valentine's Day Cupcakes Play

Fill your sensory tub with cornmeal & throw in some cute Valentine's Day sprinkles.  Add all the things you'd need for baking Valentine's day cupcakes:  Heart-shaped muffin tins, spoons, cupcake liners, a whisk & measuring cups.  Children can measure ingredients and serve up batches of cupcakes while engaging in fine motor play. 


Find the Hearts Sensory Search

Whip up some of this scented rice from Teach Preschool.  I recommend pink lemonade rice :)Pour it into the sensory tub and bury a bunch of valentine's day gems under the layer of pink rice.  Children will search with their fingers to find the gems.  Add spoons and dixie cups to encourage scooping & transferring and fine motor play. 


 Pink Oobleck Play

Invite the kiddos to help you make some non-Newtonian fluid, otherwise known as oobleck.  Find the the recipe and the science behind this crazy fun liquid at Scientific American.Add lots of items to explore & manipulate this engaging medium.  Kids gardening tools and kitchen utensils are great for scraping.


 Hearts of Ice 

Use heart-shaped ice trays in a variety of sizes to make heart-shaped ice.  Add pink or red food coloring and glitter to make them extra pretty.  I'm a big fan of adding glitter whenever possible.  Dump the ice in the sensory table with water.  Kiddos can explore temperatures & properties of matter,  and engage in fine motor play.  Water in a sensory table must be cleaned out daily.  Sensory table water quickly becomes grimy and full of germs.  


Spaghetti Play

Cook up some pink spaghetti to play with!  Add it to the sensory table while still warm (not hot!) and add some cooking oil to make it extra slippery.  I'd add glitter too.  Children can investigate this dinner staple in a new way.  Provide them with forks, containers of all sizes, a little 1 quart colander, tongs, a spaghetti server and anything else that you think might interest them.



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Megan Strong 


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