5 Educational Games Changing Classrooms Today

10 months ago
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Unique games played in the classroom make learning fun! There are many games out there that are played in classrooms now, including board games, card games, dice games, and more. Game play can not only make learning more fun, but it can also make it a little easier. Kids enjoy interacting with what they’re learning, rather than just sitting there listening.

Here are some great educational games in a variety of subjects that could be played both in the classroom and at home!


PolitiCraft is a civics card game for the classroom. Through game play, students explore real-life civics scenarios, giving them an improved sense of political efficacy. The game aims to help students gain essential skills for life, work, and civic engagement.

According to their website,

“The variety of interactions that the PolitiCraft Card Deck presents cultivates student perspectives and enhances socio-emotional, systems thinking, and collaboration skills. PolitiCraft helps students to both understand challenges in today’s society and play through our current system for solving them.”

Learn more at https://www.politicraft.org/.

Sum Swamp™

For students learning addition and subtraction in Math class, Sum Swamp™ is a great game to bring into the classroom. This game takes addition and subtraction and turns it into a fun board game, where children roll dice and answer addition and subtraction problems to move across the board.

According to the website,

“Engage students as they explore and apply the properties of operations. Our unique tools reinforce these essential skills while challenging students to create and mentally solve equations.”

Learn more about Sum Swamp™ here.

BrainBox World History

History can be an especially boring subject for some students, because it’s a lot of facts and not a lot of excitement. To make history a little more exciting, add a game!

BrainBox World History is a card game for classrooms that uses historical facts to make learning history fun. According to the website,

“From the Stone Age to the Space Age, BrainBox World History highlights some of the world’s greatest and most significant historical events.”

Learn more about BrainBox on their website.


Vocabulary is something that some kids are great at, and some really just aren’t. Just like any other subject, it’s easy to love, but also sometimes easy to hate. Some kids just don’t enjoy learning about the meanings of words!

Adding a game to learning vocabulary can make it a little bit more fun and a little less dry. Plus, when a child learns the meaning of a word through game play, it’s more likely that he or she will actually remember that word, beyond just the next test.

Volangulary is a great classroom game to help kids learn vocabulary! According to the website:

“Volangulary™ will help players discover whether they really know the meanings of everyday words, and how to use them properly. Multiple game levels are included, enabling kids to play against kids, adults against adults, or kids against adults. Anyone can win!”

For more information, find Volangulary here.


Make science fun by adding Valence to the classroom! Science can be really fun for kids, especially when they’re able to do hands-on experiments. Adding a game, though, can make it even more exciting.

In Valence, kids will learn about chemistry and have fun at the same time. The cards in this game are exciting and colorful and they look like superheros.

Find out more about Valence (and other awesome games by Science Ninjas) here.

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