45 Ways to Celebrate My Birthday

4 years ago
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Blooging and Novel Writing month is over.  Whew!  I survived!  Now I get to celebrate my 45th birthday.  Here's my plan.

1. Wake up early to have peace and quiet.

2. Blog and write freely.

3. Check my birthday wishes on Facebook.  About four friends so far.

4. Research my free gifts from businesses.  I got something from Sephora. 

5. Check DVR for shows I can relax and watch.

6. Read Harry Potter.  I read 2 chapters in 30 minutes last night.

7. Schedule a massage and/or facial.  Massage Envy has new client special.

8. Decorate my birthday cake.  I baked and iced yesterday.

9. Look up recipes for lo mein and Chinese dumplings.  My husband promised I can cook on my birthday.  He overtook the kitchen for Thankgiving and it is always a bummer.

10. Hug the kids and husband when they wake up.

11. Do not clean anything!  Bonus if I can convince the other three boys to do the bathrooms and clean their rooms.

12. Go shopping and relax.  

13. Buy the Sunday paper and see the wonderful sales.

14. Go to the library. Read and explore.

15. Walk through a fancy area of town without hesitation.

16. Make sure I have a nice dress to wear tonight.

17. Thank my parent for giving me life.

18.  Plan how to improve myself in the upcoming year.

19. Fix my hair and make up.

20.  Wash my car in a drive through.

21. Donate to charity.  I already packed a few donation bags.

22. Set up new $12 camera.  Webcam or kids camera?

23.  Look into 3G tablet data plans.

24. Sew with my new sewing machine, just one stitch counts.

25.  Post on Etsy. I can do it.  

26. Get nails done.  My hands are so dry.

27. Eat brunch.  Maybe I can make new waffles.

28. Go to dinner theater.

29. Talk to strangers like I am a normal sociable person.

30. Smile and clap when expected.

31. Thank my husband for marrying me and giving me great kids.

32. Blow out candles and make an achievable wish.

33.  Take a cool panoramic photo for my Facebook.

34. Bounce in the bungee chair when kids aren't looking.

35. Listen to the birdsongs.

36. Crunch through the remaining snow and feel the spirit of the season.

37.  Turn on catchy music.  Maybe I can dance like I was 21.

38.  Think happy thoughts.

39.  Meditate.

40.  Breathe.

41. Be mindful of the moment.

42.  Appreciate my body as it is.

43. Embrace new technologies.

44. Hug, love and care for myself.

45. Stretch myself literally and figuratively.






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