3 Great Gift Ideas for Grandma

2 years ago
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If you're a kid, it's always enjoyable to think up the perfect gift for grandma. Her unconditional kindness is absolutely lovable. When you hear stories about grandma being strict and angry, it is hard to believe. She's always neutral and sometimes even on your side when you fight with your parents.

She is always so happy to see you and the rest of the gang! She deserves to smile, and that's why hunting for a gift for grandma is an extra special one!

Let's stray away from the tacky shirts and merchandise that say #1 Grandma, and let's get thoughtful with this one. No matter what gift grandma receives, she will be overjoyed and grateful. Her appreciation for any gift gives more of a reason to make sure she receives the best of the best! Here I have put together some perfect ideas and gifts for the perfect grandma!

Image: Steven DePolo via Flickr via Creative Commons license

Appetizer Set

Grandma absolutely loves visits at her house from all the family! And, she definitely worships her fancy expensive china set that she has. But truth be told, she does cringe when she has to use it worrying that one of the younger ones may accidently drop it or knock it down.

Therefore, get her a nice ceramic appetizer set! Let her host her favorite guest visits and enjoy it without a worry. The most important part of the gift is the message. With an adorable ceramic appetizer dish set, you are letting her know that you are looking forward to the many more upcoming visits with grandma. She will definitely love that.

Handmade Pillow

Make it extra personal by spending more time on your gifts to grandma! With grandma being so mindful and absolutely grateful, she will definitely appreciate all the effort you put into your special gift.

Try sewing a little pillow for grandma with some embroidery of something special to her. Do you know where grandma met grandpa? Do you know grandma's favorite place? Did you go on a trip just the two of you? Embroider an iconic structure or map of the location on the front of your pillow.

You can practically stitch anything, so don't restrict yourself to a place. If she loves gardening or nature, decorate your pillow with a flower or tree! Grandma will definitely hold this gift close.

Coupon Book

Grandma is in love with so many things around her, but her favorite things cannot be bought and are absolutely priceless. Grandma holds the love and time with others very close to her heart. After many years of wisdom, she knows the most important things in life are the things money can't buy.

How do we put this in a gift form? Try out handmade coupons. Make them on the computer or by hand, and make it everlasting by laminating it at a retail store.

Grandma may have trouble calling you and redeeming her coupons because she may feel that she is a burden and a bother. After some time, give her a call and express that you are upset she hasn't redeemed any of her coupons. She will definitely love to hear that you are waiting and immediately want to call you. Here are some ideas for coupons:

  1. 1 hug for Grandma
  2. 20 minute Walk with Grandma
  3. An immediate visit with Grandma
  4. Afternoon tea hour with Grandma

Shopping for grandma is not difficult at all. She is grateful and happy for all the gifts she receives. But, the best gifts don't require much shopping. Grandma is at her happiest when she receives love from the people she loves the most: her family.

All of the gifts listed above have a deeper priceless emotion attached. The ceramic dish set shows her that there will be many more visits with grandma from you and the rest of the family. The time taken to sew a pillow just for grandma is priceless and, to top it all off, to embroider something special to her on it makes your gift absolutely incredible.

Lastly, each and every coupon gives grandma special bonding time with her favorite grandchild. To send such a deep emotion to grandma is priceless because you are sending pure love through Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets Toronto. That’s all grandma wants and she definitely deserves nothing less! 

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