13 Reasons Why I Want To Lose Weight

8 years ago

So the lovely Kat at "Secrets...to losing..."
posted her top 13 reasons why she wants to lose weight and get healthy.
The idea is that the list should be in places where you can read it
often, several times a day, to instill your motivation for losing
weight into your brain.

I realized that while I've certainly
talked about my reasons, I've never put them in an official list. And I
am the Queen of Lists, just ask my hubby!

13 Reasons Why I Want To Lose Weight:

1. I want to be happy with my body.

2. I want to show my kids how to eat the right way, so they don't struggle with their weight like I did.

3. I want to live a long life, and be here to see my grandkids (and even great grandkids!).

4. I want my asthma to go away, or at least improve as much as possible.

I want my husband to stop stressing about my health. He's always been
supportive, but he worries about me developing diabetes, high blood
pressure, etc.

6. I want to be able to buy clothes that I like, not just because they fit, but because I like the style, color, etc.

7. I want to show my family that it is possible to lose the weight. Both my parents and my brother are all overweight.

8. I want to have more energy to run after my kids, do my errands, run my business, etc.

9. I want confidence - I want to stop being ashamed for being the biggest woman in the room.

I want to help others - I've been thinking more and more about how I
can use this experience to help other people, and I know that if I
succeed, I will find a way to do that!

11. I would love to get
back into acting someday (maybe when the kids are in school), and I
know I have to be fit to get the parts I really want.

12. I want
to stop thinking that I didn't get something or someone doesn't like me
because of my weight. It's the first thing I think of - "Oh, that
salesperson ignored me because I'm fat."

13. I want to stop obsessing about my weight so I can use that energy toward other things!

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