12 Must Have Baby Items

4 years ago

Besides the obvious baby products- diapers, wipes, clothes, crib, bottles-these are the top baby items that I found most useful (and needed!) with both girls as babies. Some were everyday things and some were a one time life saver, but still needed! I highly recommend you to stock up on these products if you are preparing for a little one, it will make your life with a baby so much easier!

1. Teething Tablets
We are going through teething right now with Erin, and these teething tablets are seriously a life saver. This was the only thing that comforted Charlie during teething as well! What I love about them is that they are all natural and super easy for the baby to take, they quickly dissolve on their tongue. These teething tablets comfort them within minutes!

2. Swaddling Blankets
aden + anais swaddling blanket

We received some aden+anais swaddling blankets as a gift and they are probably the best thing ever! They are huge, which makes swaddling easy for anybody. (The hubs became a pro swaddler thanks to these blankets!) They are really breathable too, AND they get softer the more you wash them. Now that Erin is out of the swaddling stage I still use these, for her naps during the summer, nursing covers, sun covers, everything. If they made an adult size blanket like these it would be mine!

3. Nuks
Or pacifiers as most people call them. They are called 'Nuks' in our house, why I'm not for sure. Luckily both girls took to one right away without any problems interfering with nursing. I love them because it's like a security piece for babies, without them sucking their thumb which can be hard to take away as they get older. We always have extra Nuks on hand, in case of baby melt down emergencies.

4. Swing
A baby swing will make your life sooo easy. There were many times when neither Sam or I could get Charlie to sleep but as soon as we put her in the swing, she was out. It's just something about the movement that comforts them. Although the girls outgrew it quickly, it was very useful when they were newborns. Just make sure you are ready to go through a lot of batteries! (See number 12!)

5. Pack N Play
Unless you are a hermit, there will probably be a time when you will have to stay the night somewhere other than home with your baby. This is where a Pack N Play comes in handy big time. They are super portable and quick to move around. Before we had one of these we would drag the bassinet on every overnight trip which was a huge chore and took up a lot of space as well. Not only do we use the pack n play on over night trips but it comes in handy for nap time, play time and even when we are doing things outside.

6. Stroller/ Baby Carrier
You will be surprised at how heavy that baby will get, especially when you are the one who will be holding/carrying it the majority of the time. Not all times will you have an extra set of hand to hold her either. This is where a stroller or baby carrier comes in handy. Strollers have made our lives so simple! It keeps them content to relax in it for a stroll and plus it's a lot easier on mom instead of carrying the baby everywhere!

7. Zipper Bag Sleepers
Who ever invented the zipper bag sleeper outfits was a genius. Normal sleepers are good but these have the top of a sleeper and the bottom of a bag blanket, with no buttons but instead a zipper down the middle! That way their little feet stay warm as well. It keeps them the perfect temperature and if you have to change  a diaper in the middle of the night there are no stubborn buttons to fight. The girls slept wonderfully with these in the cold winter months.

Zippered Bag Sleeper

8. Boppy Pillow
Breastfeeding probably would not have been as enjoyable for me without a boppy pillow. It saved my back soo much when the girls were newborns. Instead of having to slouch over I just propped them up on the pillow and I could sit up straight and comfortable. I also used it for a prop to help them learn how to sit and sometimes they would even nap on it. You can also use it before the baby gets here- it's the perfect prop to use while trying to get comfortable sleeping while pregnant. Put it between your legs if you lay on your side and it will save a LOT of future hip pain! Or, you can find an adult size pillow just for pregnancy! Best invention ever, so comfortable!

9. Lamp/Night Light
I'm afraid of the dark. I admit it. That's why I have found a lamp or night light in the baby's room so useful. Even if you are not afraid of the dark I do think it would make things easier! When you have a newborn and are getting up every 2 hours a night to feed it, turning your bedroom light on everytime will make for a not so happy husband. ;) We found the perfect little lamp with a soft light that worked great for me to see the girls while I was nursing but it wouldn't wake up Sam.

10. 'What To Expect When You're Expecting' book
This book is seriously like the Bible for pregnant women. It shows you everything you can expect in each trimester of your pregnancy, along with common symptoms and what will happen at each doctor's appointment. It has a detailed description of the step by step labor process, as well as every
answer to every question possible about pregnancy and labor! Especially for first time moms, this is a MUST! There are also books about what to expect during baby's first year, what to eat during pregnancy, etc. You can find them here.

11. Oxi Clean
Yes, stain remover. You will need it. With any baby or toddler will come a zillion loads of laundry along with countless stains. I have found Oxi Clean works the best on those blow out poopy diapers that soak their outfit and yours.  There will also be spit up stains, grass stains, dirt stains, ketchup stains aaaand grape juice on your white carpet.

12. Batteries
Lots of batteries. Of all kinds. Stock up. It seems like anything baby or toddler related takes tons of batteries. We were always buying batteries and then invested in some rechargeable batteries and they have worked great for us!


What are your baby must haves? Please share!


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