11 summer-fun activity to do at home for toddlers

Looking for summer fun activities for your toddler, especially those which can be easily done at home? 
Here is a list of 11 fun toddler activities that would keep your child engaged and in the process develop their sensory and motor skills
1.  Playing with Bubbles

Bubbles for baby game

Every child enjoys playing with bubbles. Nothing can delight your child more than a floating bubble that they can chase, catch and pop. Playing with bubbles and chasing them can boost hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills, as well as language development ("Wow, this is really big. Lets catch!"). Plus, your youngster will learn about cause and effect (blow through the wand gently and 
watch what happens!) and basic physics as well. 
Instead of buying small bubble making bottles everyday (only to see your child spill it all over!), you could make the same at home. What’s more, you can involve your child in creating the ‘bubble concoction’ as well. See my next upcoming blog  “How to make Bubbles at home”.
    2. Dough play, a great sensory activityDough play for toddlers
Since letting children play independently with clay can be a little risky, introduce them to the kitchen dough or atta that we use at home. And guess what? You could also add food colors and make it more fun!
Show them how to make simple things like balls, snakes, elephant’s trunk, car wheels, etc. Let them explore on their own and you would be amazed with what your child can come up with!
3. Line up the toys 
This activity can keep your child really busy. Show your child how to line-up his/her toys in a sequence in your living room or garden and they follow. 
 line up toy toddler activity
    4. Cleaning time: 
Cleaning can be great fun for children. Take an empty cleaning spray bottle and fill it up with water (drinking water) and give it to your child with a small wiper. You can use an empty bottle of surface spray – an actual cleaning product will add to the “seriousness” to the activity.  You don’t have to worry about where it gets sprayed since it is plain water.  And squeezing the spray helps build coordination and develops muscles in their little hands. Let him spray on the walls/glass and clean then. Most children love it!

 cleaning time for toddler

5. Spray painting 
Spray bottles filled with washable paint can be used to create great fun activity for the children.
6. Water filled balloons can be fun 
Put some water in a balloon and blow it. You could tie a straw at the end making it easy for your child to shake it and enjoy the music of water inside. Just be careful not to fill too much water. 
7. Stacking cups could be a great play activity for toddlers and keep them busy too! This simple activity helps in refining small motor skills, hand-eye coordination and their problem solving skills.
8. Black Slate and Chalk 
The old trick of using a black slate and a piece of chalk still works. Children love to play with a slate and chalk and draw patterns. It can also keep them busy apart from developing motor skills and initiating them into the world of writing.
 slate toddler activity
9.Balls in a basket 
Put 10-12 colored balls in a basket and let your child explore. You could also start with color sorting and introduce your child to different colors.
 basked toddler games
10.Pea Peeling
Let your child peel peas and collect them in a bowl. This activity would help refine fine motor skills and also keep them busy. 
 pea peeling toddler activity


11. Play with straw - Give your child 6-7 straws and let him/her explore!   
Hope, this list keeps your child engaged and helps in the development of his/her sensory as well as motor skills. I would be back with more such fun home activities for younger children soon. Till then Happy Parenting!

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