You're Doing It Wrong: Your phone might be keeping you single

3 years ago

The scene: A Chicago bar during a college football game. A couple in a booth, accompanied by a male friend. Minutes later, a girl walks in solo and sits with the group, bubbly and smiley. (Said girl, I might add, is pretty damn cute.)


The couple proceeds to watch the game, demonstrating zero chemistry but loving themselves some $12 grilled cheese sandwiches. The girl chats with them, while the third wheel of a dude holds his phone inches from his eyes, keying away. When my nosy ass gets a glimpse, I see he’s playing Scrabble. Yep. iPhone scrabble. Now, I don’t know the situation here: Maybe she’s not single, maybe he’s not, maybe the couple he’s with is dull and he’s not a football fan. Regardless, the faceplant in the phone suggests, “Yeah, none of ya’ll are interesting enough to me.”




I was late to the smartphone party (can we just call them phones yet?), and I don’t clamor for the new tech toys or iPhone updates like some people, but I would be hard pressed now to go back to a Nokia brick of yesteryear. I do try, however, to take “tech breaks” as much as possible. And those breaks are sometimes short-lived, because even I gotta know whether it will rain, or how to bake tofu. I, Clare, am addicted to my phone.


But I am not rude, and this dude was straight up careless. If you want to spend the day knee deep in electronic triple word scores, stay home. But don’t make everyone else around you feel like second fiddle to your damn data plan.


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