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4 years ago

2014 Focus word

Every year, we talk about the mission of our marriage & what we want to accomplish in the year. This will not change in 2014. We will have a mission for our marriage but this year, I am stepping out & adding a word to my year.

I know many are thinking of resolutions, but we all know how long resolutions lasts (maybe a month). Instead of using a list of resolutions how about defining one word that will help you focus on your year ahead.

With choosing a word, you are focusing on the future instead of obsessing on what didn’t work in the past.  You are forgoing what should have, could have or needed to help in the past year; instead you are planning & shaping your future with the focus on a single word. 

Choosing my word will help me to be clear on what my purpose is for 2014 and allow me to reflect, pray and see growth in a narrow perspective instead of a broad nonspecific way.

 How to decide on your word:

  1. Determine what you would like for your marriage.
  2. Work within the parameters of who you and your husband are.
  3. Be realistic with your expectations
  4. Choose a word that resonates with you & your marriage.
  5. This word should make you feel uncomfortable. Remember change should make you step outside your normal box.

Bridge, 2014 focus word

This word will be the glue to help you solidify your marital [plus personal/professional] goals. Choose your word wisely. Remember what we think and say forms our actions. So make sure you choose a word that will help you make positive changes in your life.

This year, I have chosen BRIDGE. defines bridge as: a connecting, transitional, or intermediate route or phase between two adjacent elements, activities, conditions.

I want my marriage, my blog, my work with other couples to be a bridge that allows me to connect them with the right resources, the information, or just other couples that can help, encourage, or even be a resource (friends).

Being a bridge, will help me to use my marriage, my walk, and my talk to show others that God is working on me, my marriage, and can do the same for them. Marriage is not easy but if God has blessed us to see 16 years then I know he can do the same for others. Being this bridge will also give me the opportunity to learn from others. A bridge connects…so I will not only be a connector but others will be a connection for me, my marriage, and my business. Just the possibilities of how God is going to be a bridge in my life is so exciting (and overwhelming, in a good way).

I challenge you and your spouse to define your mission for your marriage encircled around one word. Allow your word to be centered on what God has planned for you & if you do, you will step outside your comfort zone but will experience the happiness & strength you desire for your marriage & your life.

What word will you choose for your marriage focus in 2014?


.Pamela S. King Still Dating My Spouse "Don't allow a disagreement yesterday ruin your today"-Pamela S. King

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