You Asked Why I Love You

You asked me the other day why do you love me and I said I don't know. But the truth is, I love you for so many reasons I'm just overwhelmed to pinpoint one specific reason. So for Valentine's Day this year in 2013, I wrote a list for you of some of the reasons why I love you.

I love you because you wake up with a smile that says "I love you Karen".

I love you because you crack corny jokes and always make me laugh.

I love you because you love your mom.

Mom, Michael, Diane

I love you because you always let me pick where to eat lunch.

I love you because we have so much fun together.

I love you because you always think of others first.

I love you because you can hit that 7 iron shot over the tree.

I love you because you took care of me through breast cancer, 2 knee replacements, and spinal fusion. And you never complained once.

I love you because when I thought I couldn't go on with chemo and cried on the floor, you got down with me and wrapped your arms around me.

January 8th- chain. February will mark my 5 year end of treatment for breast cancer. This little charm was a love gift from my hubby. #survivor #breastcancer #takentodayjanuary

I love you because of the father you are to our children.

I love you because of the grandfather you are to our grandchildren.

Which hand?

I love you because I can sit quietly and read or surf the net and I don't feel like I have to always make conversation.

I love you because no matter what I cook for you, you love it. Except for venison. And beef barley soup that sat out too long.

I love you because sometimes you cook for me!

I love you because you always clean up the kitchen in the mornings if I don't do it at night. Which is usually always

I love you because we have opposite political views and still manage to respect each others opinions during election years. And stay married!

I love you because you give me the freedom to be me.

I love you because you support my photography by learning and participating in photography yourself when we travel.

My Favorite Photographer

I love you because you always pull over when I ask you, so I can take a photo.

I love you because traveling with you is always an adventure.

I love you because you let me drag you to menopause musicals and comedies and you have fun!/


I love you because you love going to BlogHer, and you love my BlogHer friends!

I love because you always kiss me goodbye in the mornings, and goodnight when we retire.

I love you because your love for me allowed me to learn to love myself a little more.

This is just a partial list of reasons "why I love you". There are so many more, but the biggest one is: I love you because you love me.

Happy Valentines Day Sweety

Love, Karen

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