Yes! I've got a date with Geroge Clooney! (or do I?)

5 years ago

Last summer I was receiving semi-regular emails from a site I had not subscribed to. I initially thought it was updates of friends' online flicker updates or similar, so without looking I deleted them. However one noted that 'someone is looking for you' .... which which I didn't quite understand, but piqued my interest. Upon closer inspection I had indeed been duped. It was actually from an online dating website. In the body of the email were 2 photos of people I recognized, and knew from Salerno. I suspect both of them allowed the site to have access to their email contacts or Facebook when they signed up, and thus the reason I keep get getting spammed. But nonetheless I was curious and in a brief moment of zero perspective, and forgetting I have retired myself from this social forum due to the horrors of the past (ie. My most recent train wreck and the placing of my heart in a Moulinex (I decided to have a look.

What I found was fairly standard since the last time I looked... volumes of pretenders, players, desperate lonely-s, and stero-typical Italian-MacDaddies looking to score, spewing hearts and flowers and posting their various photos ranging from the creepy-webcam serial killer variety, to family photos with relatives cut out, iphone pics, and vacation photos (one even used his pant-leg as a profile pic). But this time I found one significant difference - several men have started using male-supermodel, and celebrity photos instead of their own.

george clooney

  George is in the hood (or in the pool) and wants to date YOU!

Am I the only one that thinks this is odd?

I am quite confident that Geroge Clooney, Hugh Jackman (my holy-grail of manhood), Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, Bono, Gerard Butler, or Raoul Bova for that matter, are not alive and well and living in Salerno or the South of Italy, and I would find it difficult to believe, in our age of technology that one would not have at least one digital photo of one's self.

The next question being... WHY?... A joke? lack of self-esteem? What have they got to hide? Perhaps they would rather not have their wives or girlfriends discover that they are douche bags trolling for dates and/or intimate encounters? Do they consider the women of Salerno that dense, that they would agree to go out on a date with a man who can’t show his real face and hides behind the celebrity mask of George Clooney?

I was almost curious enough to contact and solicit an answer to this lingering question from one of these desperados, or make a date even (of course during the day and in public). And if George, Hugh or Bruce etc. didn't show? But instead some creepy, salivating 43 year old balding accountant with gold chains, or pot-bellied construction worker with gorilla hands arrived in his place?

I'll flatten him faster than you can say "I've got a date with george Clooney."

"HEY! WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? You're not George Clooney!....F'CK OFF!"

Could be fun to play up the drama, no?


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