Yes I was on Four Weddings !

3 years ago
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Hey Guys!  Since this is my first blog on here I will introduce myself quickly. My name is Concetta. I was born & raised in Brooklyn. I come from a big Sicilian (Italian) family. My father is a musician "Angelo Venuto" and had several hits on the radio.

I met my husband at a local club through friends. He happened to know some of my cousins which made it a lot easier.  His name is Enzo. (And is also Sicilian) We were together 3 yrs before he proposed.  He proposed at the 18th ave feast where my dad and his band was performing on stage.. Me and my sister were singing,, He came up and proposed right on stage in front of my friends and family.. takes guts right? I asked him - "How embarassed would you have been if I said no?" HA-HA. 

Anyways we were engaged for 2 yrs and then got married at El Caribe Sept 29, 2012. The best part is that I signed up for Four Weddings - the show on TLC (Mother Knows Best episode)  They picked us. This particular episode, the mothers are the judges and attend the daughters weddings.

I got married at St Finbar's church.  The Reception was held at El Caribe & I had about 300 people at my wedding.  I had a full cocktail hour with lobsters, trays of food around the whole cocktail room.  I also had food all night and a Venietian Hour at the end.
In my opinion, if you are throwing a wedding at a catering hall - you should have an open bar. Cash bar is a no no!  If your going to do it all the way - do it right.

I had a band, also my dad's band went up there and my cousin DJ'd.  Everyone had a good time dancing all night!

MY DRESS!  SPARKLY BEDAZZLED!  Sweetheart, drop-waste and then poof! I love the bling - GOTTA HAVE THE BLING. My mother told me I had to leave my veil on the whole night. You only get married once! (hopefully) So I wore my veil all night - It wasnt the long veil .. And it didn't get in the way. So yes, I agreed with her.  
BRIDES SHOULD (in my opinion) wear a white dress.  You don't look like a bride if you are wearing black, pink, blue etc. Please wear white. 

SO you're asking if I won? What do you think? Lots of food.... Lots of music... Open Bar. Fun family/friends  - a great atmosphere...  YES I WON!!!!

I won a trip to LA GACILLY - FRANCE.. What I thought about it will be on my next post.


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