Would You Use An Electric Condom?

4 years ago

I'm known for being one of the most open-minded people when it comes to all things S-E-X. I try my best not to pass judgment when consenting adults engaging in sexual activity that is safe and pleasurable for all people involved. Your kink may not be my kink and that is perfectly fine. I admit, though, that I do draw the line at some things... for reasons.

Not long ago, Bill and Melinda Gates issued a challenge to inventors to come up with a condom that would increase pleasure for partners and would incentivize condom use. Of the 812 submissions they received, they awarded 11 winners seed money ($100,000!!) to develop their prototypes. I applaud the Gates' commitment to safe sex practices and I think the contest was pretty cool!

Not everyone was a winner, though, and there is one idea that struck me as, well... wow. Just wow. Allow me to introduce you to the Electric Eel condom:

The idea is that the condoms would feature electro-stimulation that would create unique sensations for both the wearer and the partner on the receiving end of phallic stimulation. The hope is that the electrical currents will make up for the decreased sensation caused by the barrier of the condom. For some people, wearers and recipients, condoms take away from the full feeling of intercourse; the flesh-to-flesh contact is unmatched. For others, condoms help keep ejaculation at bay and, as such, enhance the experience by keeping a penis harder, longer. The electric condom would allow people to practice safer sex while getting as much physical pleasure out of it as possible.

For those unfamiliar, electroplay is a thing. I actually enjoy electroplay, which some consider to be on the "edgier" side of kink, because the feeling is amazing, albeit nearly indescribable. Let's just say there is a delightful, delicious sting when the electricity course through your nerves. Placed in the right location and you're likely to experience one of the most intense orgasms ever. Let's focus on "in the right location", though.


Image: Electric Eel Demo Video (Screenshot)

Some people do insert vibrating sex toys into their bodies, which can feel anywhere from amazingly great to "OMG... WTF... Get this out now!!" I've not been a fan because it just feels uncomfortable; I prefer to use my vibrating sex toys externally. I've also had male partners use them on their penises and the reaction has always been one of being unable to handle the intensity of it. I wonder how the average guy will feel about having whatever level of voltage shooting up and down his shaft while he is trying to focus on perfecting his stroke and not cumming too quickly. If anything, I'd imagine this might make him cum quicker--and harder. Like, in buckets.

I don't know about this one. I salute them for giving it a try and contributing to efforts to make condom use more appealing. We have ridiculous rates of contraction when it comes to sexually-transmitted diseases and infections, particularly among certain ethnic and socioeconomic  groups. We have to figure out something, but I'm not sold on this being the next big idea. I'm interested in what YOU think, though. 

Would you use an electric condom with your partner? Why or why not?

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