Work Life Meets Love Life, Sort Of

4 years ago

Yesterday I finally started feeling a bit more on top of my game, so I went out with Fernando to the mall. It was excellent. He wanted to give me a day out because he hadn't had the chance to see me all week while I was sick and he was working, and he felt badly that he wasn't able to take care of me. 

So we strolled into the mall. Thus far, I've managed to keep Fernando just a name and a picture to my coworkers for the most part. He's talked to a couple of them, but only on the very rare times they caught us when we actually got to grab lunch together during the week. 

One such coworker, Evelyn, calls him Speedy Gonzales for the sheer fact she has never been able to catch him with me on one of our lunches. She's always asking me about him and wanting all the juicy gossip about our love life, which I'm rather disinclined to disclose considering she works with me. 

That said, as we walked into the mall, we ran into her. 

Or rather, we walked and took the escalator down into the mall as she was taking it back up to go out. She had her back turned and was talking to someone down at the bottom, but I recognized her hair and was watching her when she turned around and saw me. 

It was hilarious, really. 

"Hey!" She called. A double take later and we heard, "Hey Speedy Gonzalez!" 

Luckily Fernando can take a joke and simply said hello back as he held my hand and we made our way down the escalator and into the mall. 

It was an amusing segue that made me wonder how other people manage their own love lives when they come into contact with their work lives. I posted a bit more about mine here, but it does beg the question: what do you do when your work life and love life intersect? 

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