Women Hit Their Sexual Peek at Thirty: True or False?

9 years ago

When I hit thirty, I kept waiting for 'it' to happen: the big sexual PEEK.  My girlfriends and I had all read 'research' around this sexual milestone and had greatly anticipated its arrival.

But instead I got pregnant at 30, and the only thing that peeked was my disinterest in sex.  All throughout my pregnancy I kept hoping my sex drive would go into overdrive (I'd read about those women too).  But no; nothing.

Over the next few years came child number two and child number three.  Same thing - my sex drive had seemingly flatlined.  Between being pregnant, nursing, and the wearisome demands of motherhood, I felt no ardour, except for a good night's sleep.

Fast forward a few more years through to the dawn of age 37.  Overnight, a switch was seemingly turned on: my body was voracious for sex.  And I'm not talking 'love sex,' I mean sheer body-driven-can't-concentrate-making-me-moody LUST.

So I've been scratching my head trying to figure out what's going on.  True, I got divorced, so that's a contributing factor.  But this energy is so strong, there must be more to it.  Is it because of my biological age?  My more mature sense of Self?  Or because my body/uterus changed post-partum?

I've read on various websites this so-called 'peek' period is still primarily attached to women hitting 30.  And 30 seems like a realistic age because a woman's hormones would kick in to scream, "I want a child!"

But maybe because more women are having children later in life, this peek has skipped ahead on the timeline too.  Or maybe the whole 'sexual peek' idea was concocted to make women who never reach it feel more guilty about their bodies/themselves.  Or perhaps, plain and simply, it varies from woman to woman and it shouldn't be encased in a statistic.

Whatever the case may be, I'm enjoying this powerful sexual energy - it has awakened my creatvity and passion in all areas of my life; for that, I am grateful!   And I'm open to it getting even better; after all, it might just be one of many bleeps on the sex monitor of my life!



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