Woman Cave: A Guest Post By Rhiannon Davies

5 years ago
I have a special treat for you today: a guest post by Rhiannon Davies of Global Search Marketing. Enjoy and follow her on twitter!
Taken the plunge and decided to move in with your boyfriend? You’re probably finding it’s not the domestic bliss you’ve envisioned - dirty socks lying all over the place and stacks of magazines building up in the bathroom, all while he probably accuses you of being untidy. Then there’s the décor – if you both have completely different visions for what your ideal home would look like, there’s going to be some arguments over it. You can reach some sort of compromise, agreeing not to paint everything in neon colours or insist that everything be minimalist and monochrome, but you’ll still ache for your own space to paint and mess up however you want.
There’s a solution; ever heard of a man cave? That ridiculous idea that lets men spend all their money creating a perfect hideout (or throw a PS3 in the spare bedroom and declare it “men only”) while leaving everyone else stuck in the neutral zone – the rest of the house. I’m not suggesting you create a man cave; I’m saying you should do the opposite and get yourself a woman cave! You can give it a better name, but the basic principles are the same, find somewhere to claim as yours and yours alone. Whether that’s the spare bedroom, the log cabin outside, the attic or the basement, as long as it has potential to be decorated (and redecorated no doubt) however you like, that is what’s important.
The first thing you need to do is work out how much money you can spend on this little project. If you’re in the middle of redecorating the house together, it might be difficult to justify spending a lot of money on this, so you may have to can make do with a smaller budget for now. Decide what colour scheme you want to go for, and make a list of furniture you want in there. Now you get to do the boring bit – clean! Depending on where you’re making your little bit of paradise, you may have to do some cleaning to get it ready for any painting you have planned. This will also let you see whether you need to carry out any renovations, especially if you’ve chosen a shed or the basement to make your own. This might sound like more trouble than it’s worth, but if you really love interior design then it’ll be worth it when you get that blank canvas to transform however and whenever you like!
When you have the space prepared, you can get painting! Enlist the help of a friend or your (slightly envious) partner to get it done a bit quicker, or go it alone if you’re handy with a brush.
This is your chance to experiment, you can use any colour combination you like in here, so go wild! You’ll need to go find all that furniture you were eying up before, so go out on a shopping spree and get everything you desire. It’ll help to go hunting through some charity shops or thrift stores, so you can save some of the money you spent on paint earlier. Whatever theme you decide, remember you’ll still want somewhere to relax, so make sure you think comfort as well as style when you’re choosing furniture and ornaments.
Once the stress of painting and furniture buying is over, you can gather up all those little trinkets or posters that were deemed unsuitable during the arguments over the house décor, and put them all in your new place.
If you want to stick with the ideas men have for their “caves”, hide all your wine, chocolate and naked men posters in there for your enjoyment, and leave them to the football and beer!
If you need a little more inspiration,
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