Wine-Budget or Splurge?

3 years ago

You shouldn't have to give up your wine habit during divorce.  Although it is a time to get serious about budgeting (I don't know anyone who's income increases during divorce), that doesn't mean we have to drink wine from a box! 

Trivia Q: Who said...”There has been this snobbery around wine that makes it seem exclusive.  It’s not true.  It isn’t, because wine is for everybody and it’s fantastic stuff.”   Find out at the end of the post…

I was inspired to write this post when I saw a $65 bottle of wine in the store.  I wondered, is it really worth it?  Can we actually tell the difference between a $25 bottle and a $65 bottle?  I’m not sure my palette is that sophisticated.  I know my wallet isn’t.

One of the annoying things in life is setting and maintaining a budget.  Do you agree?   During a divorce it’s crucial.  Just when everything is getting split in two (including yourself, some days) your disposable income feels like it’s getting split into a million pieces resulting in more coins and less bills.   What do we do when our disposable income goes down?  We might have to switch from Louis Vuitton to No Name handbags but drink wine out of box? No way!  I think that is inherently wrong, even during divorce.

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