Why Women are Stupid

9 years ago

Ok fine. Why women are sometimes stupid. Because seriously, we are.
I know I always seem to have the perfect advice for my friends when it
comes to their relationships, and I honestly believe if they’d heed my
advice, they’d be a lot better off. My secret is to always separate
your feelings from your head. If you think with your head, and not your
feelings, you will be set for life. However, I realize, especially when
it comes to my own relationships, that it’s impossible. That’s why you
need a friend like me to think for you! And honestly, I wish my friends
were as smart as me because if they were, then I’d probably take their

But enough. This is why women are stupid–because you start dating a
guy and even though you very quickly realize there is some inherent
flaw that you know will not work longterm, you KEEP DATING, hoping this
inherent flaw will either go away, turn to be not that big of a deal,
or somehow change. AND IT NEVER DOES.

Example #1: Ms. K

I’ve written of Ms. K and her dysfunctional relationship
many a time. She’s been dating this loser for six months (going on
seven) who refuses to commit to her. She finally had the balls to tell
him it’s over, but nevertheless, she doesn’t want it to be over, so she
called him after two weeks. He never once contacted her during that
time frame. I’ve decided to keep my mouth shut this time around. It’s
hard to watch my friend do such damage to herself. He’s a great guy,
she tells me. Yeah, I tell our friends, but if she withheld the sex do
you think he would still stick around? None of them answer.

The worst part is Ms. K could have saved herself these six (almost
seven) months of trying to get him to commit to her. Within the first
couple of weeks of dating, he told her “I don’t believe in marriage.”
gets told “This is your mission, should you choose to accept it.”
Why do we as women make it our mission to somehow change these guys?
She could have saved herself the agony and met some other wonderful guy
in those six months. Now she’s just continuing with this loser and will
waste even more time for god knows how long until she finally realizes
that–oh my gosh–he doesn’t want to get married!!!

Conclusion: Stupid woman

Example #2: Roomie

An old roommate of mine who I’ve known since freshmen
year of high school has been “dating,” –if you can even call it
that–homeboy for about a year and a half now. I have a feeling she’s
been doing it for lack of better options, because there is nothing
about this relationship that suggests it’s going to be long term. They
have tried to be officially together, he shuts down. They have tried
being friends, he’s rude to her, gets drunk and calls her over for sex.
She follows. They have tried being fuck buddies, even though that’s not
really what she wants. He’s hot and cold, and she deals with it. Again,
this whole year and a half could have been avoided if she had aborted
the mission when she saw the red flag–He’s Christian, she’s Jewish.

He’s really Christian, she’s not very Jewish, but she’s
non-religious enough that she could never marry anyone extremely
religious, which he is. She took his virginity. He’s 30. He has to
marry a Christian. There’s no way she would ever convert. And yet…they
keep dating.

Conclusion: Stupid Woman

Example #3: Yours Truly

I fell head over heels for He Who Shall Not Be Named.
He was hot, had a stable job, manly, funny and I was trying to get over
The Ex. It was a deadly combination and I fell for it. I had a series
of small red flags. When I was over for dinner, his brother was
bragging about his own sexual exploits, claiming he had slept with 30
women. I was a bit flabbergasted but I assumed that even though his
brother had slept with a lot of people, there was no way He Who Shall
Not Be Named could have slept with that many women. He didn’t strike me
as that kind of a guy, even though there was the little voice in the
back of my head saying “Birds of a feather…”  About a month after we
started dating, I ran into his ex at the mall. I found out he
had been dating some other girl, and I assumed that he had already
stopped dating her because now he was dating me. I didn’t even bother
to ask if he was still dating her, for fear that it might cause
tension. After three months, one drunken night, I texted him and asked
is he was still seeing other people. He was. I ended it the next day.
Two weeks later, he texted. I knew it, I thought! I knew he would want
me back. After about a month, I realized I had just become his booty
call. I ended it again. I was so stupid, I ignored all the signs
because I wanted to believe something else. Something that wasn’t real.

Conclusion: Stupid woman.

If you meet a man, and there is something that you know you cannot
live with for the rest of your life–assuming you want to get
married–then move on to the next guy. I don’t care how wonderful
everything else about him is, this flaw will not go away. And 10 years
down the line, when you’re filing for divorce and you realize this flaw
was the main reason for that divorce, you’ll remember my advice and
you’ll wish you would have listened…

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