Why Being a Bad Bitch Doesn't Work...

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3 years ago
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“I love bad bitches!” This seems to be the anthem for many men in today’s society; black, white, Puerto Rican and Asian men alike. It seems as though Bad B*tches are winning these days, and everyone wants a piece of the pie. If you want to see a bad b*tch or be a bad b*tch, turn to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. However, Instagram seems to be the biggest source of “bad bitches”.

What’s a bad b*tch you ask? Well let’s break down the components of being a bad bitch (there aren’t many, so this won’t be long):

To Be a Bad Bitch you must:

  1. Have a very large butt. (Terms: Whether it’s real or not is a trivial matter. It’s all about the size)
  2. Have Large breasts. (Terms are the same as #1 )
  3. Have Long hair (Terms are the same as stated in #1 and #2)
  4. Have very Expensive clothing. (This is also trivial, because many bad b*tches have no real profession. They may have a job, however no real career/profession (There is a difference). So you’ll have to acquire these items on your own terms.
  5. Be Aggressive and ignorant to the point of nauseam. (As long as you are loud and boisterous with Louis Vuitton and Christian Louboutins as your #1 interest and topic of discussion…you meet the criteria for this section)
  6. Have an eye for money. (You will need to be able to identify where the money is and who to get it from as this is usually the main source of income for many bad b*tches)
  7. Have an open Instagram account and post many pictures! (This may very well be one of the most important components of being a bad b*tch and goes hand in hand with point #6. You need to be accessible to the men who love bad b*tches. The more provocative your pictures are, the more likes, and the more “popular” you become is key. If this doesn’t land you a role on a reality TV show or on WorldStarHipHop, at the very least, you’ll get recognition.)

Men love bad bitches, but they don’t usually end up in a lasting relationship with them. Friends with benefits is usually standard. If this weren’t true there wouldn’t be so many single bad bitches all over Instagram professing their love for the mysterious “Bae” that they wouldn’t dare reveal, because he doesn’t belong to her. Or posting pics of themselves in bed expressing the void of companionship, in lesser terms of course. Bad b*tches don’t win and if they do its temporary. Women win all the time.


If you have any intention on being in a meaningful relationship, here’s 5 reasons why being Bad Bitch doesn’t work:

  1. There’s a lack of respect: If the man you are after has the audacity to refer to you as a bad bitch to begin with, this is the first indication that he is not the type of man that you need to have in your life. A real woman knows that a man will address her respectfully. A bad bitch takes this as flattery.
  2. He doesn’t really want a bad bitch: Men always say they wan’t a certain type of woman, but they generally end up with the complete opposite of what they think they want. If they are  lusting over the half-naked women on social networks or in music videos, their lusting over an image of a paid ‘model’, who has most likely altered her body to fit the stereotypical bad bitch image. When asked if he’d marry that kind of women, he’ll most likely say no because nobody wants a biddy as the mother of their children.
  3. Being a Bad Bitch takes all your time: Self-acclaimed bad bitches work very hard at maintaining this status. They are constantly posting pictures, hunting for the attention to keep them relevant, and chasing those likes. If all of your energy is poured into maintaining this image, when will you have time to dedicate to your man? […] “Oh, I’ll stop once I get a man”, some BB’s might say. Well that’s very unlikely because the need for attention is probably at the root of the problem of being a bad b*tch, which usually needs to be addressed from within yourself, so “the man” won’t be able to fix it. With all your time dedicated to upholding this image, you may let your guy (and yourself) slip right through the cracks.
  4. Everyone will know what he’s working with: A professor in my Couples Counseling class said that a man’s ego is like a Petunia, very fragile and delicate. You may boost his ego while he is in pursuit. However, if you do begin to date, you may see a switch. A man wants his woman to look good, but he certainly doesn’t want every other man to know what he’s working with. So the very boob and booty shorts that attracted him to you may become the center of turmoil and the demise of your relationship. Don’t be fooled by what he likes on social networks and talks about around his friends. What he wants his girlfriend/wife to be will be completely different!
  5. You’re going to teach him how to treat you: One of the greatest lessons a woman can learn in life. If you are treating yourself without self respect, behaving like a thot for millions to see, being rambunctious in public and not holding yourself to basic standards (at the very least). Do not and I repeat, do not get upset when you receive penis pics, disrespectful messages, or misbehavior from men. Does it justify their reaction? Absolutely not, but if you wave meat in front of a wild animal they will attempt to eat it. Think about the message you’re sending, when you begin to receive said messages back.  You teach people, including prospective husbands, how to treat you.

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