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4 years ago
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I was a cheerleader in college and for the first couple of years of school I didn't really interact with basketball players outside of games. I dabbled my junior and senior year. 


When I dipped my toes in the basketball players I found the water to be nice. I stumbled upon Dan after one of their practices and before mine. He was tall and seemed nice. I wasn't too interested. And after that, I started to notice him around campus more, he always made an effort to say hi to me. I eventually saw him at a party one night. He walked me home and kissed me. A couple days later he made it known he wanted a relationship, but something was missing, chemistry. Like there was none. However, Dan had an amazing body, I was single and lonely. He was my first guy-friend with benefits. The sex was good, but I never had an orgasm, so there wasn't much sense to why we kept going. One night I was given a reason to stop.


We were in bed getting it on , me on bottom. I'm not sure what his hand was doing, but it made its way around my neck, somewhat tightly. He didn't hold on for long, but it was long enough for me to know I didn't like it. 


I saw Dan one more time before he fell back into the background. We both were at an athletic formal. Someone had stolen my credit card and I was crying in the coat closet. He found me and I thought he was genuinely comforting me until his hand found its way to my ass and tried to work its way into my clothing. I flipped out saying, are you really trying to get in pants right now, right then and there I was done. I walked away and never spoke to him again.


I had kind of stayed away from the basketball team after that.  Senior year had rolled around and there were new members on the team I had not met or seen. One night a at a party, I saw a 6'7'' toned white guy, just my type. My friends and I casually danced where he could see us. We eye flirted for a bit and he finally made his way to me and we started dancing together. It was then I found out he was a basketball player with my exact same birthday. We both interpreted this as a sign. We hung out the rest of the evening and exchanged numbers. 


I immediately thought, this man, Levi ,could be my next bf. Nope. He just got out of a serious relationship but still wanted us to hang out.  We talked on the phone and texted and eventually I gave up on him as a bf and since we already had started having sex, he happily agreed to friends with benefits. Things were good and fun for a while, until he got a little crazy. 


I was ok with being friends with benefits, but he started developing feelings for me. I liked what he and I had, and I didn't want to change it. Jenny (one of my good friends) and I often went to the basketball players parties together. Levi had a teammate I had my eye on. Same type of guy but with tattoos and a sexy style. I guess I was a topic of conversation one evening, which developed into a competition, that I was made aware of. When i say competition, I mean Levi said Mark likes to try and steal girls away from him and I used Mark to make Levi jealous, it was apart of the game we played with each other; flirting with other people, a little teasing, never being intimate in anyway with anyone else (normally) and going home with eachother at the end of the evening. This may have encouraged Levi's craziness, to be honest. Levi began texting my friends about where I was and who I was with all the time.   


I may have pushed him over the edge with what I did one evening.  Actually there are probably two events that may have assisted in him snapping.  The first being when Mark  and another basketball player tried to have a threesome with me. I was with Mark and his teammate walked in and asked to join. I wasn't for this situation so I got dressed and left. Levi texted me maybe 5 minutes later wanting to meet up near the baseball stands to talk. He knew what just happened, I was honest with every question he asked. 

The second instance, my rejection of him, led to an evening I will never forget. 

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