When The Cat Is Away, This Mouse Plays!

Does your partner ever travel without you? My hubby rarely does, we are usually always by each other's side. If he's headed to Chicago for a seminar, I'll stay home with the puppies. This weekend, he went to California with his son to get the man cub set up in an apartment before he starts automotive classes at UTI in Rancho Cucamonga in November. Hubby wanted me to come along, but we've been on so many whirlwind trips this year, I just decided to stay home and have a "me" weekend. 

So I've spent the weekend pretty much holed up in the house, with the security system on of course, because I'm a fraidy cat. I got a lot done while he's been gone, I've done important things: washed sheets and towels, changed my nail polish, wrote 4 posts for NaBloPoMo, went to dinner at my sweet daughter's house last night for the best carnita's I've ever had. And I got quality snuggle time from the boys. On a Saturday night! 
What else did I do? Last night I decided to get a jump on the time change and put all the clocks forward an hour before I went to bed. This morning when I woke up, I sleepily looked at the chime clock in the living room and thought "WOW, I slept till NINE, the dogs let me sleep in!". I marched them out the door, came in, looked at my phone and realized my blunder. It was 7 am. I set the clocks to their proper time and celebrated my newly found hour by drinking 3 cups of Nespresso coffee this morning!
Hubby doesn't get home till 9:30 tonight, so I still have a whole Karen day ahead. I'm going to finish laundering his scrubs, and then get to work on the chicken soup I started yesterday. I might make Pennsylvania Dutch pot pie instead, I've got some bow tie noodles and potatoes. And a bag of hard boiled eggs for good measure.
I've been cooking quite a bit since he left. Thanks to BlogHer recipes, I ate brown butter pasta on Thursday night, and chicken with arugula on Friday night. I've not made anything sweet yet, but there are 3 apples sitting in the basket on my breakfast bar just screaming "MAKE APPLE CRISP" at me. 
Michael has been working really hard at working out and losing weight, so I've been cooking light for him for a long time now. It feels good to indulge in making some treats while. Yesterday I made red chile beef jerky, and the dogs and I ate half of it before we went to bed (at the wrong time). 
I would hate it if he traveled for work, I would hate it if he traveled often without me. But he doesn't. I think we have the perfect balance, he goes away maybe once a year and I get Karen time, which is such a treat. 
What do you do when your partner travels without you? 
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