What you learn after a terrible fight

4 years ago
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Take a deep breath and exhale. Relationships aren't like fairytales or Disney movies. Infact they are sometimes the exact opposite. I am not going to tell you my story because it is just too long and sad to tell, but I will tell you what I have learned from them. Having a fight is a normal part of any relationship in fact if there isn't any arguing, odds are something is wrong.  I am not talking about those little what are we going eat? or Why did you look at her that way? Kinda fight. The one where you get that light bulb moment where you say, I have has enough and I am done kinda fight. The fight where you hold nothing back and aren't afraid to let it all out.

What you Learn After a Terrible Fight.
I didn't say breakup, I said fight. After all this maybe what the relationship needed.
People lie.
Not in general, but they do lie. When dating people don't show they're lazy, insecure, procrastinating or whatever ways. This comes after time spent together and the reality is you may not like it.
The relationship has to be good when things are bad. If the relationship can't weather the storm then it just won't last.

Relationship secrets are never kept. After a terrible fight anything you say during the good times, can and will be held against you.

the things that you once found cute or adorable, now make you irritated and you find them annoying.
After a terrible fight, if you don't get a sense of what you want or you are not able to deal with the relationship being over afterwards, keep your mouth shut.
Self Worth.
Don't ever forget who you are and what you bring to the relationship. Don't feel you have to settle for anything you don't deserve.


Sometimes you need a break from the relationship in order to see how you feel. Maybe you will miss them, maybe you will want to work on things and maybe you wont. Maybe you will feel being alone is what is best.
The only way for you to decide what is best for you is to give your heart and mind a much overdue break.
I am not telling you to go and have a terrible fight, but if you do, give yourself some time and space and see what arises, you may feel free or you may feel alone, either way you have to do whats best for you.
Don't feel pressured to stay in a relationship if you aren't happy, you shouldn't have to sacrifice your happiness for someone else's.
Thats just how I feel about it.

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