What size does your love come in?

Could he be my Venti?

Does it start as a tall and eventually grow into a grande, or are you so scarred by past relationships that it will always stay a tall with no hopes of hitting the venti mark?

I don't think age or gender matters, for love hurts, love heals, love guides, and love dies regardless.

I can give you my perspective on love. Thanks to Sleepless in Seattle, love songs, romance novels, and the Brady Bunch, I started as a venti, hit rock bottom as a tall, and desired to make it safely back to grande.

Why can't we supersize our love?  We supersize our hair, stilettos, jewelry, clothing, food, men, (anything)...  maybe the size of our love depends on what kind of love we're looking for.  A tall could represent a one night stand (whether you wanted one or not), or a rebound to get you over someone, a grande mixed with a tall might be the scenario of dating two people at the same time wondering which one will end up being your venti (the happily ever after)!  Honestly, any of those options do not appeal to me, and I would never order any of those combinations, but keep in mind that may be served to you while you we're busy waiting for what you ordered (when you take that first sip, you'll taste the deceit).

Taking all this into consideration begs the question, can we have the ultimate: (Caramel Brûlée Latte with whip cream and crunchies-venti style, all the while still bearing the scars)?  You will get mixed reviews on that.  The optimists will say yes because they can rationalize the burns away, and the pessimists will disagree (maybe they experienced more pain than others).  I think you can achieve the ultimate.  With the help of a Charise, toss in a Nora, and never forget the Alma!  We all need friends, laughter and wisdom to carry on, start up, and rev our engines all in the name of love!

We all share a common bond - we ALL want to find love and need to be loved. We spend endless time and money in search of the urban myth (happily ever after).  I say it's better to place your order and hope the barista of love is listening to you rather than never stepping foot into the coffee shop of love. Keep in mind...I'm still listening to “Marry Me” by Train, which means I'm standing outside, looking in and deciding whether I want to place an order or switch over to tea.

Next person in line... xo, jo

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