What should I think?

4 years ago

I have been dating a great guy for about 4 months now. When we started dating we agreed that we weren't ready for a relationship yet and we wanted to have fun. Well, of course... as time goes by we spend 4-5 days a week together, I spent thanksgiving with him and his family, he takes me out to dinner and surprises me with little presents when I come over. Nothing expensive but that's what I like. Just the fact that he thought about me and likes to surprise me. We act like a couple and all of our family and friends call us boyfriend/girlfriend but we say "friends." No pressure. You know? The only problem is his girlfriend of 10 years left him for his best friend. And he was at his best friends house when they broke the news and she stayed there and my great guy went home with his 3 1/2 year old daughter. He was crushed. He lost 2 very important people and tried to comfort his daughter because she didn't understand. So he's scared and that's understandable. But I am falling in love and I want to be with him. He has become my best friend. But last night I told him what I wanted and he said he was sorry that he wasnt ready yet. So we ended it on good terms. I wish him the best and I hope one day he falls in love with a woman who deserves him. He was supposed to bring my belongings I left there after he gets off work but he "forgot." He lives 30 minutes away and said he would give me gas money to come get it because I actually do need my makeup bag! lol I agreed. Asked him if he would have it ready and I wanted to say bye to his cat which had become my buddy. He acted pretty sad but said he would. THEN! He wants to make my favorite food for me. He already knows sex is out of the question and I don't think he would want to play with my heart like that. 

WHAT DOES HE WANT? I told him we could remain friends and I would always be there for him. But he acts like he doesn't want to let me go. I don't want to date anyone else and I won't be able to until I'm over him. I just don't know what to do, think, feel... HELP! 

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