What men want for Valentine's Day.

4 years ago

The best way to work out what to give him for Valentine's Day is to ask.  I did.  I asked several men

What Valentine’s Day gift would you like from your partner?

Here are their responses:

45, married with children: My sweetie to look at me with her unique, mysterious smile and to challenge me with a deep long look into my eyes.

38 married with children:  A nice meal and evening with no interruptions from kids. Thinking back to when my wife and I first started going out with each other, I didn't really expect an actual gift, though I did usually get her one. If one did want to give a gift, I don't think it has to be particularly Valentine's themed at all. In fact, it's better if it's not. Something small but thoughtful like a classic movie that he loves (Star Wars doesn't count - dump the manchild now!), or a biography of his favourite Formula One driver.

43, married with children: There is nothing more meaningful than a heartfelt written letter (perhaps sealed within a card) that outlines how my partner values, appreciates and loves me. What else would anyone really want? A gift can't replace such sentiment.

35, dating: An Enzo Ferrari. No seriously, material possessions wouldn't bother me that much.  A nice cooked meal and spending some time together would be more than enough.

33, married no children:  An Xbox but we can’t afford one; so my wife saying how much she loves and appreciates me will more than suffice

36, divorced and dating: Love, respect and appreciation

29, in a relationship, My girlfriend wearing high knee boots.

34, in a relationship: My girlfriend greeting me with a smile, a big kiss and a hug,

Girls – Men don’t care about material gifts. The best gifts aren’t material at all.  Don't worry about what to buy him instead show him what excellent taste he has.  Turn up to your date looking and smelling gorgeous, be easy to be with and let him lead.

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