What Makes a Man Sexy?

7 years ago
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Love thy neighbor -and if he happens to be tall, debonair and devastating, it will be that much easier.


~Mae West~

I just love Mae West.  

I am always being asked this question by my friends, "What makes a man sexy?" So, what does make a man sexy? Is it his rock solid abs of steel? Is it his firm butt? Is it his charming personality? Is it his striking good looks? Well, we all know that this is a hard question to answer, for we live in a society that favors aesthetics over intelligence and the content of one's character. Being sexy is most definitely a complete package. However, maybe we can reach some common ground and describe the ultimate sexy man.

Masculinity, is probably the most important criteria women would use to describe a man as sexy. However, we have to look a little deeper than his masculine physique. Yes, masculinity goes much deeper than the near perfect male physique. Masculinity can be found in the way he confidently, but not arrogantly, struts across the room and gives that quick sexy glance. It is the way he calmly and confidently says, "Hello" that causes your heart to sink after that initial glance. It's how he looks in his clothes. It's how he smells. Masculinity, like sexy, is a complete package.

Personality is just as important as masculinity. He must possess some level of swagger. He must be debonair with sense of humor and able to hold an intelligent conversation. Some women prefer "bad boys." They are drawn to that tough guy, who is willing to do battle persona. Some women prefer the guy who will walk away from a fight intelligently, leaving the other guy feeling like an ass. Either way, one's personality must be well defined and a little complex. Arrogance is usually not acceptable. 

Well-rounded intelligent men are usually very sexy. These men are well read and as such, can discuss a variety of topics without the air of arrogance. They are willing to educate and be educated. They can stimulate the mind and other things as well. Intelligence is very sexy.

Eye contact is also very important. This is the first line of communication that he has with a woman and it must be special for one to consider him sexy. Whether it is a casual glance followed by a charming smile or a mysterious smile, women love to be noticed by men. For most women this is sexy. Sexy eyes and pretty teeth have been know to cause women to fall in love (lust) immediately.

Lastly, men who dress well are sexy. He does not have to be decked out in designer threads, but he must be well-groomed. Exhibiting his own style that brings out his personality. I believe that most women will agree, blue jeans can be very sexy on a man. Being well-groomed also includes having a nice smell that lingers in her mind long after he has left the building. This could be a fresh clean smell or the smell of his favorite fragrance, either way it leaves a lasting impression.

Who saying men should have all the fun, get out their and enjoy the male eye candy.

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