What Do Sex and the Gym Have in Common?

5 years ago
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After my umpteenth gym membership renewal, and yet more new years resolutions, a few years ago I managed to finally drag myself to my local gym for the first time since I moved to the area.

Turning up in my old jogger bottoms and a vest, I felt rather under-dressed in comparison to the gorgeous stick insect women who don’t really need to be within a hundred miles of a gym and somehow seem to refrain from breaking into an’ atom’ of sweat looking fab in their matching wrist and head sweat bands, Lycra leggings and a thong you could thread a needle with!

Well, assuming that it was either the lack of eye candy in my busy  ‘career focused’ life, or I had walked into a dream of testosterone, I picked up my dragging drooling chin from the floor. I managed to compose and reassure myself that all my Christmases had actually arrived at once ….. it was for real!

man at gym

A sigh of contentment and a quick adjustment to my boobs and hair, I assumed the catwalk pose and strut my booty over to the treadmill. After looking a dash confused at the new modern computer run-treadmills, I was quickly surrounded by three muscle bound sweat drenched men volunteering their services. What a great way of meeting people! Speed dating seems laborious against gym flirtations.

During my 2-hour punishment (gut busting session), I glimpsed a lot of eye contact and body language, flirty eyelashes and flexing biceps!

So I thought about it, why is it that women spend hours getting ready to go out on the town with friends or for a date …… shower, wash hair, shave, iron your clothes, make-up, nails etc. And yet we go to the gym as is …. mostly.

Like sex, when you work out, the brain releases several chemicals including neurotransmitters, such as endorphins, which release sex hormones from the pituitary gland. There’s more oxygen to your brain, which makes you aware of those around you, and more blood flow to every part of your body, including obviously your penis…. for a guy. There are other similarities like the deep heavy breathing and increased heart rate.  Also, you are conscious of the fact that these men and women want to take care of themselves physically so that’s an attractive quality.

Ok, there are obvious reasons for going out, like having fun and chatting, etc but if you can have the same effect on someone at the gym and you have a common interest already, give it a go. It’s a fabulous way to meet those more in line with what you could be looking for in someone, they’re happier with all those endorphins running through their delicious bodies ……. and you’re getting healthy.  Can’t wait to go later ……. yum!

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