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Have you ever gone to a restaurant with a group of people - lets say 8 people and wonder if you are going to split the check 8 ways or pay for whatever you ordered? We all have been there.


Now this is what I do. If it is 4 couples - the men do not want to seem cheap in front of the other guys. Just split it per couple. If it is a mixed group, single people, couples, parents, kids, then I think you should pay for whatever you ordered. If I go somewhere with my husband with another couple and they bring their 2 kids - It gets tricky.  

No one wants to be looked upon as cheap. And also no one wants to go out with someone that expects everyone to pay for them. UNLESS it is your Birthday.  
PEOPLE order something that you can afford! If you are ordering $60 worth of food and drinks and throw down a $20 - Chances are we will not be asking you to come out again.  What if I ordered a $10 meal and I throw down a $20? I covered my own ass. Don't look at me. What are you going to do?

This is just some of the things people experience with friends/family.  If you are taking someone out for their Birthday, everyone should put extra so the birthday girl/boy is paid for. 

BUT WAIT! What happens when you go out and you order a meal, someone orders just a $8 salad, and then there is that guy who orders himself 5 shots, 7 beers and all you had was 2 drinks.  He is probably the same guy that says okay lets split the bill evenly.
Happened to me once. We were out for sushi. My poor friend had a little appetizer. I had like 2 rolls and 2 vodka/cranberries (or was it wine). I saw that everyone kept the flow of 2 or 3 drinks each. Then this one guy orders the most expensive sushi dinner, so many drinks and has the NERVE to say SPLIT IT?  There is my friend sitting there sweating, not knowing what to do. She came out to see me. She didn't order a big meal because she couldn't afford it at the time.  Who is going to open up their mouth. ME.  "Sorry but my friend only ordered an appetizer, I don't think it is fair that her meal was $8 and she has to put in $50. Nope sorry." She looked relieved.  If you know something is not fair, it is okay to open your mouth.  See now that is not being cheap, that is being fair.
Cheap is when you all order about the same thing, and that person puts a lot less and maybe just a $2 tip.  

If it is like 5 of us girls - and we are best friends, we are so good at this already. We automatically know that if we all just order coffee, we split it evenly. But if 2 people have food and 3 have coffee - we pay for what we ordered.

Do you guys have any advice? Do you think I could be wrong?  Any stories you can share?
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