What about the cake?

7 years ago

I just may be the hardest to please bride when it comes to the cake. Not because I want a cake five  layers high with a pound of fondant and rare gold ostrich feathers with mini sugar paste figures of Donnie and I on top. No, my problem is far simpler than that…

I have hated every single cake I have seen in the last year.

Every cake seems to be over done and trying to be some sort of take off of Cake Boss or Ace of Cakes. I may still be young, but I clearly remember the wedding cakes of my childhood. They had 3 tiers, whipped cream frosting, a few roses and plastic doves on top. That was it. If you had a wedding, you had a white cake with flowers. Now it seems that every cake is a task master waiting to happen. I have found myself dreaming of cakes that carry little clubs to knock out my knees and steal the contents of my purse.

Right now we are leaning towards a cupcake tower, with a possible small cake on top for just us. Even though the cupcake tower is trendy, there is something a lot less menacing about them. Maybe it is the little details you can add to each cupcake, or the fact that you don’t have to hack a beautiful expensive work of art to pieces.

In the end, I believe it comes down to control. I want to run a ton of test cupcakes to find the right combination for us. I don’t want to leave it up to a pro baker to impose their “creative license” and leave me feeling inept and wrong about my own tastes.

Does this make me a bad bride? Or does this just make me the same girl I have always been? One that is not happy conforming.

I will leave you with this little story about me…

One Christmas a close relative gave me a gift of a flat silver chain. I d
id not complain when I noticed that a tag bearing my name had been placed over another bearing their coworkers name. In fact, i put it on and feigned affection for the thing. It was only when we got home that my Dad looked at it and stated “Who gave you THAT?! It’s awful, do they even know you?? Even I know you would be much happier with a barbed wire tiara!” I felt so loved knowing that my Daddy knew me that well! He even made it a point to purchase some barbed wire and bent it into a tiara for me. We both agreed it was a bit painful to wear and I hung it on my wall. I am so glad that on my wedding day, my Daddy, who knows me best, will be giving me away to my one true love!

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