We Supass Death, Promise!

3 years ago

That’s what she said!   

             That’s what she said: My love for you surpasses death, when Leizel said “I do” in a hospital bed approximately 12hours before her boyfriend Rowden passed away.

Some time ago I asked the question on “blogher”, if people could simply say “yes” to becoming “one” with a soul mate. 

Some people today say it is not desirable to choose fidelity as unity in a culture of narcissism, a culture obsessed with "options", a culture afraid of loss and filled with self-obsession ( not X-factor, “me-factor”): but one couple in America proved that true love sees no death, only moments together.  One couple proved that the movie “now and forever” is real life: a commitment of “no matter what”.   They went counter to the American norm and embraced fully loving each other during the dying process. Fully loving means: I take all of you, heart, body "broken", mind and soul.

Watch the video as you witness that two people choose to love completely in the dying process, expecting nothing more than what the day gives, and thus learned to live life fully; in the end the most beautiful words were in fact “I do”.  The bride as she stood next to her dying husband, did not ask the selfish question of "why" must I let go of someone, and why God has taken so much from us.  She did not run from death in a culture afraid of sickness and dying. She boldly accepted the challenge to say “I do” in the darkest moment, knowing that this love that is not promised forever was a love worth celebrating forever.

Sometimes when we become fully alive, we say “thank you” with a vow of “I do”, I "thank you for loving me completely" and I love you even with an “unperfected” body.

Today there is no grieving, even in death there is a love worth celebrating.

* broken is a double philosophical intention to refer to "sickness of the body" and the Christian Spiritual lens of love embraced in the broken body of Christ. The couple is Christian and symbolism and allegory of "love as the mystery that defies death" comes alive when the woman embraced her beloved as he was dying. He was her closeness to Christ and she was the woman at the cross who refused to turn away.

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