Was my compliance bought?

5 years ago

Last weekend, my husband and I were attending a wedding. During dinner, a mutual friend (absolutely awesome guy, that I would sooo lose in the divorce...but I digress) asked me what was I drinking, I turned to my husband who had brought the drink and said, "What am I drinking?" This baffled our friend. "Why can't I find a woman like that? I can just say here's your drink and she just says ok?" My answer (after already having had a couple of drinks) was that, "my compliance was bought with our six bedroom house."

While this was said mostly is jest, I kind of wonder. It bothered me for a couple of days and what I came to was that in a way yes. Not with the house itself, but how we came to have the house. I know our household bills will always be paid, I know that the morgage will always be covered. I know that my husband wants me to be successful, because when I decided to go back to school (again), he made it so that I didn't have to work. I know that he knows exactly who I am and even if somedays that is totally annoying, he loves me anyway.

Let me make it clear that he isn't a doctor, a lawyer, or a high profile accountant. He's a nurse. A darned good one, but nursing pay is nursing pay. He works two jobs and commutes to one. So when I say he makes it work, that isn't a small feat.

I realize now that it isn't about the house, but am apartment has  a one year lease. Apartments are like dating, short-term. Houses are like marriage, you can't leave easily without time, effort and planning without messing up your credit. lol. Sad, but true. I learned about the same time we bought the house that my husband will work to make things work and he wants US to be happy TOGETHER.

The whole point of this is to say, "I absolutely trust my husband. I have total faith that he will do all that he can to make sure our family is safe, sound and at least reasonably happy." So yes, if he brings me a drink, even if I have no idea what it is, I'll try it. He knows me. I like when he tries and he likes when I'm happy.

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